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Ghost Hunters – Chadd Ford (Battle of Brandywine) & the Lee-Fendall House

Ghost-HuntersThis week on Ghost Hunters – 

The T.A.P.S. crew visited a ranch built in 1709 in Virginia at Chadds Ford. The home is situated on a section of land that saw one of the biggest battles in the Revolutionary War – The Battle of Brandywine – September 11th 1777.

Lieutenant James McMichael of the 13th Pennsylvania Continental Regiment wrote that “this day for a severe and successive engagement exceeded all I ever saw.” The casualties reflected the bitterness with which it was fought. The official British casualty figure was 89 killed and 488 wounded, but was probably slightly higher. The American losses have never been conclusively ascertained, but are estimated at 1,100, including 200 killed, 500 wounded and 400 captured. The battle had clearly been an American defeat, and was to lead to the loss of Philadelphia on September 26. Had the attack on Birmingham Hill begun earlier, the defeat may have turned into a rout. Howe could thank fortune, his superior intelligence gathering and the efficacy of the British bayonet for his victory. The Americans, for their part, were beaten but not broken; they knew very well that in general they had stood up well to the professional British soldiers. It was not without reason that Washington wrote John Hancock from Chester shortly after midnight: “Notwithstanding the misfortune of the day, I am happy to find the troops in good spirits; and I hope another time we shall compensate for the losses now sustained.”

Brandywine CreekThe house was built long before the war, and I’m pretty sure the owner said it was a “Spring/Summer” home. (Oh a summer home…) During the battle that claimed mostly the lives of the year old Americans – it was used as shelter, as a hospital and even as a jail.

Over the years claims had been made about a pesky ghost that like to pull pranks on people. The sound of footsteps. The vision of wounded soldiers and even the sound of a crying child named “Katie.” (Katie was buried on the property)

Through the investigation the entire T.A.P.S. crew scoured the house, but not much happened for anyone but Grant and Jason. First, they were sitting in the living room when they heard a voice (that I thought was my son for a moment waking from his sleep) followed by footstep.

If you’re not sure – that’s is what a weeping child sounds like. It really, really is.

And then in the Spring House. The house that was used as a prison for American soldiers during the battle – three times something turned on Jason’s flash light and then – later at the reveal – we found they had a sound of a chuckle as an EVP that happened at the same time.

Not much else happened. Tango and Steve freaked out a bunch of horses, but paranormally speaking – all was quiet.


The second location was the former home of General Robert E. Lee – The Lee-Fendall House.

Lee-Fendall HouseThe house was build in 1785 by Philip Fendall for Henry “Harry” Lee, the father of Robert E. Lee, as a “urban” plantation. Yes, at one point there were even slaves living on the property. 

Some of the claims that were made was the sound of an old telephone (1930’s style) ringing when nothing in the house could make that sound. The feeling of dread from an evil spirit and the apparition of a woman and a small boy. 

While, I have to say, this home is one of the more beautiful homes I’ve seen that is attached to American History. It too served as a hospital during war time, but this time it was used by the Union in the civil war. The Lee family occupied the home from it’s erection date of 1789 – 1903 – there is a lengthy history to the home that is well worth checking out. 

As for the investigation, all the claims were debunked, even the telephone, and on top of that – Amy and Britt discovered that the home had high EMF reading when can cause a “fear cage” when someone is in the area for too long. This “fear cage” can lead to uncomfortable feelings and even the possibility of seeing things. 

BUT – honestly, if you are into American History and are planning a trip out East, I’d stop off and check out this home.

Haunted or not – it’s a keeper!

Next week the T.A.P.S. crew will be back in New Jersey visiting Essex County Penitentiary. 

nj_caldwell01I know it exists… but I can’t find any history about it… sorry guys!


5 Responses to “Ghost Hunters – Chadd Ford (Battle of Brandywine) & the Lee-Fendall House”

  1. Dear TAPS,
    I was wondering if you would consider me for being part of your team in the future? I cant finds anywhere that I could get in touch with you guys….Been watching the show for awhile now….I have lived all over the world and have had MANY personal experiences and am not scared of the experiences that have happened….I live in ABQ, NM where the NA culture has many legends and stories…I have seen mant things right here in NM.
    I saw this episode and thought that the Lee-Fendall House was amazing! All of your investigations are amazing.

    Please let me know,
    Am very interested, financially sound
    Alison Arbo

  2. I’m not a T.A.P.S. Member, just a TV blogger.
    You can contact the crew via their website

    They have snail mail, email and phone numbers to contact them!

    I wish you luck!!

  3. Dear Jason & Grant, when you were in the spring house I heard a
    male voice & it was mimicing you, mocking you all the time. The third time when you asked it to turn on the flashlight, it’s response was alright… If you would play it again I would be glad to tell you everything it said. I did hear it very clearly. Thank you for your time

  4. hi i read all the page you write down and i realize that.the fact you write about jason and grant in the spring house with the flashlight open 3 not in this part of the episode is in the thornbury farm that appened.because in the lee-fendall house jason not there during the investigation.

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