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Warehouse 13 – Regrets

Warehouse 13Last night episode of Warehouse 13 was called Regrets.

The theme of the show – well, I’m sure you picked up on it from the title… living in the past.

Myka and Pete had to fly off to the East Coast to a prison to find out why the suicide rate of the prison has jumped, drastically, since the new warden has taken reign.

Following the protocol they attempted to find something, anything – a chair, a watch, etc – that would explain the weird deaths now haunting the prison, because once they arrive they begin to have visions of things in their life they regret. For Pete is was the death of his father and for Myka, the death of her partner and lover Sam. 

In the end it turned out that the prison was built on an old quartz mine and with a big tropical storm moving in – the electric energy mixed with the quarts was creating a crazy house – forcing people to halluicnate.

I enjoyed the bonding between Myka and Pete…

What I didn’t enjoy was the rest of the show – the whole Artie / Claudia saga. It seemed pointless and I’m not very sure why it was even there. I wish they’d concentrate more on the hunting for artifacts and the relationship between Myka and Pete – and I mean friendship, not the fact that they’re going to “fall in love” because they are – that was pretty much handed to us episode 6, “Burnout.” 

I find Claudia to just be annoying. I thought that if she was more laid back she would be fun, but she’s not. She’s like a cat that’s under our feet all the time and I just want to let her outside and lock the door, praying she finds a new home.

Warehouse 13 airs on SyFy Tuesdays @ 9pm.


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