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True Blood – Frenzy

True BloodWhat do you get when you cross a church full of crazies, some vampires, the coolest gay character ever, the stackhouses, orgies, beating hearts and inter-species dating?

This season of True Blood.

I would like to take this moment to stand up from my chair and hand out a slow clap to Miss Evan Rachel Wood. Anyone else here love Sophie-Anne? 

[slow clap]

Here is your run down for those of you who missed it – Bill is with Sophie-Anne, the queen of the vampires, who is more interested in playing yahtzee and eating from her vast selection of humans (and watching some good “guy on guy” action) than she is about helping out Con Temps and their infestation of nether demons that go by the name of Maryanne.  (those silly Grecians magpies and their lust for blood)

While he’s there, Lafayette, Sookie and Tara’s mother try to keep Tara at the house and not go back for Eggs – the “love of her life” – but since we little humans are weak and the only thing that Lettie Mae can think of is how her baby will finally lover her if she helps Tara escape. So she does – this leads Lafayette and Sookie to head over to Gram’s place in order to retrieve the overly naive and continually annoying (me, me, me) Tara from the hands of the evil Magpie that only wants what’s best for the world – sex, drugs and the death of a shape-shifter named Sam Merlotte.

Sam is hiding out at Merlotte’s where he took in Arlene’s kids for a bit, then he took them to see Eric – because Vampire Bill is, well, playing yahtzee whilst fake sunning himself, pool side, drinking human blood and hanging with the Queen.

Eric decides to help because of Sookie.

Sookie is now at the house trying to find Tara, who is making a nest with Eggs as they slowly destroy Gram’s bedroom – but that’s what they need to do to protect the egg…?

Jason and Andy are gearing up to take back their town – I now like Jason, I find him to be funny and overly confident. It amuses me. (just like Pam – she’s amuses me greatly. LOVE HER!)

So now we just sit and wait. Bill went to Sam to tell him he needs to go to Maryanne so they can kill her just before she kills him – or maybe she’ll kill Sookie since she’s all “super natural” with her defections skills? Lafayette is now working for Maryanne, he’s only so strong, and Jason and Andy – they’re locked and loaded!

Two weeks till the season finale! And I can’t wait!

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