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Hung – This is America or Fifty Bucks

hungYou’ve just gotta love a woman that is willing to stand up and say – you will do this, my way and you will do it now!

Yes, Lenore was back. Feeding her dog table scraps and tossing Tanya to the side. I’d like to tell you that I was surprised by either of those things, but over all – how could I be? It’s not that Lenore is better than Tanya, it’s that Tanya lacks confidence and while I’m still pulling for her – until she stands up tall and looks at both Lenore and Ray in the face and just lets them have it… well, Lenore already has one dog to feed scrapes too, why would she want two?

Outside of the whole Happiness Consultants business problems, it turns out that Ray’s son, Damon, is into guys, Jessica is losing her mind over the fact that her husband lost his money, oh and Lenore’s latest client – that would be Jessica!

In two weeks we will find out if Ray has a job at the H.S. or if he’s just escorting full time, with Lenore.

I think the season finale will be grand! I wonder who’s head is going to explode first when Jessica walks into that hotel room and finds her ex pimping out his wares… 

Hung airs on HBO at 10pm!


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