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Being Human – Finale

Being HumanMy weekend is going to be so bare now that Being Human has aired it’s finale…

It looks like the gang is on the run, well, at least they now have a false sense of security after George killed Herrick. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

After Mitchell almost died, and his past love sacrificed her life to save him so that he could stop Herrick – which he didn’t have to do because George transformed into a werewolf and then ate him – we are now just sitting and waiting.

Annie is stuck here, seems she missed her doorway to the after life, and this new endeavor has made it possible for her to now be able to speak with other spirits, among other things – well, I’m assuming more things will turn up.

Owen is in jail, blabbing his greasy little lips off about Annie, George and Mitchell.

Nina – well it seems that George is no longer alone. When he was eating Herrick he accidentally scratched Nina – he doesn’t know this yet – but next season should be wonderfully awesome!

And as soon as I know when it will be airing over here – I’ll let you know!

Hope you enjoyed Being Human as much as I did!



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