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Ghost Hunters – Dr. S. Mudd and Edgewood Plantation


This week our favorite T.A.P.S. members traveled to Dr. Samuel A. Mudd’s house.

Dr. Samuel Mudd - Home

Dr. Mudd was sent to prison for 4 years under the charge of conspiarcy to assassinate the president. Booth stumbled to the good Doctor’s home 6 hours after the assassination of President Lincoln – and without knowledge of the murder, he treated Booth’s broken leg.

4 years after his incarnation President Andrew Johnson pardoned Dr. Mudd. 

There were sighting of apperations in the home, plus the death of a 8 month old child and the sighting of a rocking chair that moved on it’s own.

During their investigation Grant and Jason had some personal expirences in the childrens room. Grant felt as if something had hit his hand and Jason felt “static” causing his arm hair to rise up.

Outside of that not much happened to anyone else. All the activity seemed to stick to Jason and Grant.

The kids room

An EVP that sounded like “I am not guilty.” 

And a hit on the thermal camera of a human shape walking past both Jason and Grant. They followed but nothing was there and there were no heat signatures from foot prints.

In my opinion one of the craziest catches ever on Ghost Hunters.


The second location they visited was the Edgewood Plantation in Charles City Virginia. 

Edgewood PlantationIf you want to you can stay there…

Home to both Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison – the house was also used during the civil war as a look out post for the Confederates against the Union soldiers. A soldier was hidden in the attic of the building and he kept look out and hit in the eaves behind a trap door. 

It was also said that Lizzy Roland once lived there – engaged to a soldier that never returned, it is said you can see her standing in the window waiting for him to come back to here.

(I do not find this romantic. I feel bad for Miss Lizzy Roland, because if that is true, the poor girl can’t even find her love in death…)

Another story the T.A.P.S. members were told was that in the Cottage a woman and her husband stayed and were woken by soldiers who they spoke with all morning – one was named Aaron Young III. (Kris Williams later proved that there was a Aaron Young in Virginia’s Twentieth Regiment – sorry I’m not sure if it was cavalry or infantry.)

The expirences at the Edgewood Plantation were limited. Tango and Steve debunked the door to the eaves, when they slammed the bedroom door the upper door would open, and Kris and Amy didn’t have any expirences at all.

The most that happened was a weird EMF reading on a tricycle that seemed to move with the object. 

(and incase you want to visit – yes, Edgewood Plantation IS a Bed & Breakfast.)


Next week on Ghost Hunters the team heads to Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania to visit a ranch built on one of the bloodies battle fields of the Revolutionary War (the battle of Brandywine) and to the home of General Robert E. Lee (Lee-Fendall House.)


15 Responses to “Ghost Hunters – Dr. S. Mudd and Edgewood Plantation”

  1. My mom had a relative, Jacob Rowland, in the Civil War. Is there anyway to find out if Lizzy Rowland is related to Jacob?

    • Yes. Census records, birth, marriage and death certificates should be able to give you a sense of genealogy. I would find out where your family was from, Virginia, Ohio, etc – and go from there.
      In Ohio we have the Western Reserve Historical Society. They have written records on file that date back hundreds of years, most cities and states also have this type of information.
      In Charles City, Virginia – the location of Edgewood Plantation – has their own online database. (If you wanted to start from the Lizzy Rowland side)

      Or, you could just go onto a site like They have access to a bunch of databases that you can access for a price.

      Happy Hunting!

  2. Aaron (Bell) Young did exist; he was my Great Grand-Dad.

    From our tree:

    Aaron Bell Young, a son of William D. and Matilda (Davis) Young, was born in Harrison County VA (WV) April 22, 1832 and died in Wirt County WV March 15, 1913.

    Aaron served the Confederacy in the Civil War. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in the 20th VA Cavalry in 1863 and was later promoted to Captain.

    I live right up the road from Edgewood Plantation and will be going by there this w/e. They are pulling some historical info from their library for me to look at.

    Guy B. Young II
    Richmond, VA

    • Thank you for the info!
      And thanks for reading

    • i am related to josh young who resided over john brown’s funeral. i think that aaron young was josh’s father. i live in waldorf md. i know that i have an aaron young in my family tree, i just don’t know if it’s aaron bell young, this same man… how cool would that be though? to have all this history in my family and not even really know it? i would love to go stay at the edgewood plantation because i’m also super sensitive (i see ghosts and have had some experiences in living in my apt.) if he is my relative, i wonder if he would interact with me???

    • hi Guy! i just talked to Dot and she told me to get in touch with you, that you knew alot. do you know if Aaron had a son named Josh? and that Josh did John Brown’s funeral? if so, i am related to Aaron as well! i was on for a little while, but had to stop my account for awhile because i had no money. let me know what you’ve got. thanks in advance.

      • I would go to the town and check out the local records. Each town/city (etc.) should have some sort of records building or in my area we have a Historic Library, that you can do research on census data. In those books should be listed the names and relations of all person from that county.

        It’s pretty standard and normally very accurate. Once, a very long time ago, I looked up a person in the census volumes in Salem Mass around the time of the Witch Trials and found the person – so I’m thinking that something from the late 1800’s should be even easier.

        You may even want to do one of those trial things on – but that will cost money. Why do that when you can take a vacation, check on the files in person AND get to see the Mudd house?

        Happy Holidays & Good luck!

  3. mann i cant wait to see the episode wen they go to dr mudds hous

  4. Dawn,

    I do not believe these were the same two individuals. There is no “Josh” listed as children of our Aaron Bell Young:

    Children of Aaron Bell Young

    John Arthur
    Warren David
    Guy Bell (my grandfather)
    Okey Warren Coplin (stepson, from previous marriage of second wife)

    While it’s always fun to find new relatives, it looks as though these two Youngs were not one in the same person.


  5. Thank you, Guy. I am writing Haunted Historic Triangle and Nearby Cities (tentative title) for Schiffer Publishing that is due to them by end of May 2010 and was there at Edgewood in September to interview Dot and get some stories. She told me about you and showed me the paper with the name on it from Berkeley (Charles City is included in Nearby Citites). Thank you for Aaron’s background. And yes, i saw that episode back in August.

  6. Pam, my sister, her husband, and I visited Dot in October. They were the ones that saw the initial airing and keyed me in on it. This was the first time they were there and we left her some pictures of Aaron and his children, plus some additional paperwork from the family archives.

    Pictures of my initial visit in Sept. can be seen at:

    With my sister in Oct.:

  7. Hello, Guy! Aaron Bell Young was also my
    great grandfather. Ray Young was my
    grandfather. There was another site I happened on in October but don’t see now
    that had pictures of Aaron posted and comments from another relative, I think.
    Hope to hear from you. Cinda Hortin

  8. >> Guy B Young
    Not the same Young. The Young at the plantation was Aaron Young III. Presumably his father would be Aaron Young Jr (or perhaps II). I find it doubtful that William D Young would name a child Aaron Bell Young III. I suppose he could have been blanking with his kid’s head (or blanking with future genealogists).

  9. Cinda, confirmed Ray was a son of Aaron. You do know we have an AB Young reunion every year over in WV? Will be the 80th. coming up.

    Send me an email (gbyoung2 at verizon dot net) and I will give you the details.

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