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Warehouse 13 – Duped

Warehouse 13Sooner or later Myka was gonna have to get all sexed up! And now it’s happened.

In the episode “Duped” Myka falls trap to one of the many mysteries of the Warehouse. Due to Pete’s goofing around, Alice’s looking glass and the disco ball from Studio 54 meet with Myka in the middle.

The out come?

Alice as a sexed up Myka and Myka trapped in Wonderland.

In search of another artifact Alice/Myka and Pete are off to Vegas – seems some con artists go their hands on a coin that allows them to see the future – they need to get it back, but when Alice/Myka sees the coin, she wants it for herself – no matter the cost.

Things get hairy for a minute, when Alice/Myka is attempting to kill those in her way and it doesn’t help that Artie doesn’t believe that the Myka in the mirror is the real Myka – thanks to a lot of fast talking by Claudia and Leena, well, and Myka’s body language that proves she is who she says she is and sexy Alice/Myka is really Alice.

The team lured her back to South Dakota and the Warehouse, under the guise of destroying the mirror, ensuring her freedom in the real world – but her plan is thwarted and the real Myka is released.

Only 4 more episodes of Warehouse this season!

Warehouse 13 airs on SyFy, Tuesdays at 9pm.


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