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True Blood – New World in My View

True Blood

With only 2 more episodes of True Blood left, you must be asking yourself, what the HELL is Maryanne?

Well, I guess we kind of know. She’s some sort of devil/demon that wants to kill Sam for not bending to her will. But with that in mind I supposed she may not be a devil at all – she could simply be Sam’s ex-wife.

Moving on…

As Sookie’s dreams of doing naughty thing to Eric intensified, she clings to the hope that one day she will only think of her undying love for Bill again – just list before. Just like those days before she sucked the silver out of Eric’s chest.

But that thought never had a long moment to set in once Jason, Bill and Sookie came “Home.”

Oh home. 

Nothing like coming back to a place that is now infested with blacked eye’d crazy people who are the devil’s war path attempting to find Sam Merlotte in order to bring him to Maryanne so she can offer him to the new god – you know, the one with horns.

But Sam is stowed away in a hotel room with Andy. Turns out that Maryanne can’t control him either, but what does that matter when no one will believe you seeing you’ve fallen off the wagon and now drink whiskey like it’s the very oxygen you need to survive. 

Against his better judgement, Sam and Andy head over to Merlotte’s after Arlene calls him and tell him she’s dead unless he shows up. Being the good, and overly naive, friend he is – Sam (with Andy in tow) zip on over – and then nearly die, but are lucky enough to lock themselves in the freezer, saving them from death by the hands of a crazy sex and booze driven mob.

While this is all happening, Tara is tied up back at Lafayette’s while he and Lettie Mae pray over her, attempting to coaxing her back to a non-possessed form. Which isn’t working at all.

Over at the Stackhouse residence Sookie finds out that Maryanne has claimed Gran’s house, turning it into a den for devils, whores and really dirty things – oh, and flies – because I’m assuming the house is now infested with the big slab of meat hanging in the front yard. 

When Maryanne attacks Sookie is when we find out that not only can our little telepath listen into the very minds of all the living but she too can deflect the evilest of the evil – a.k.a. Maryanne.

Realizing that Maryanne is the demon that tried to kill Sookie in the wood, Bill attacks her and is quickly poisoned by her black blood of doom, so they flee and make their way over to Lafayette’s to join in the crusade to save one Tara Thornton.

Together, as one, Bill and Sookie glamor and “dig deeper” into Tara in order to retrieve her and bring her back to the people that love her the most.

Finally, Hoyt and Jessica. Oh, and Hoyt’s mama, who hates Jessica and is currently possessed in Bill’s house. Let’s just say, every vampire has her braking point. Here’s hoping that Hoyt will forgive his new girlfriend for killing his mama…


I do love this show, and I know that they were setting us up for the last two episodes. Next week the Vampire Queen [Rachel Evan Wood] will be there telling Bill if she can or can’t help them with that pesky “Maryanne” problem. 

My issue…? 

“You’re gonna have ta dig deeper.”

There were a lot of bad one liners this episode. The potential for this show is there, it has always been there. Yes, some things in the “Sookie Stackhouse” series seem to over lap in other vampire series that I’ve read. (Let’s just say that someone has been rifling through someones trash because certain characteristics are showing up all over the place. All I can tell you is chronology. Sookie Stakehouse was published before Twilight – and there are some “power” similarities.)

As for the vampire side of True Blood, I’m totally loving it. The Maryanne side – I just wish it would end.

In my opinion, the only thing that was great that came out of the whole Maryanne story line this past week was Sam, Andy and Jason Stackhouse.

Their rescue of Sam was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And I hope the three of them stick together for the rest of the season because I love them together.

True Blood airs on HBO Sunday @ 9pm.


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