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Being Human – Mitchell and Josie

Being HumanThis is by far the one show I look forward to every week, which is a bad thing because there is only one more episode left… 

This past Saturday a lot happened.

First, Mitchell decided he was done. After Bernie, he was broken and Herrick sold him the Brooklyn Bridge for a buck. He told Mitchell that they were not taking “volunteers” to join the vampire army, but that image fell to the ground around both Mitchell and Herrick as the day went on. 

What happened was very simple. Mitchell, at work, ran into an old flame. They dated back in the 60’s and now she was older and sick with cancer. She knew Mitchell’s secret, so she wasn’t surprised when her old lover looked more like a photograph than the aged ex-lover he should be. And Mitchell, the ever caring Mitchell decides to save her.

He asks Herrick to talk to her, to help get her to join them as a vampire. No, she wouldn’t be young again, but she wouldn’t have to suffer through cancer.

Josie sees Herrick for what he really is, just like Lauren did, and she runs to find George – one of Mitchell’s real friends.

Mitchell is so consumed with being with his “own kind” again is doesn’t even notice that Owen has managed to haunt Annie even in her death. Telling her that he never loved her, that she was over baring, that he was having an affair the entire time they were together – with Janey.

He kills her, again and again, his hatred and anger crossing into Annie’s world of the dead.

Annie falls apart, claiming defeat, and George finds her lying on the couch – crying in her wheaties – when he comes home looking for help to save Mitchell. After a quick pep talk they band together and run off to the funeral home the vamps are claiming as their own.

A fight ensues between one of Herrick’s henchmen and the ghost and the werewolf.

“We’re like gay ninjas!” & “You’re a ghost? Really? You can walk from room to room.” “I’m pretty sure everyone can do that.” <- funnies lines!  I’m laughing a bit now just thinking about them.

Mitchell find out the truth about the vampires on his own when he discovers a hidden room of runaways that are there for food. His humanity kicks in and he confronts Herrick, but he’s out numbered and quickly accepts that he will soon be dead.

Lucky for him he as two great flat mates! George and Annie show up, attempting to help him and wouldn’t you know it – in the end it was Lauren that saved the three of them. Running from the funeral home, Lauren begs Mitchell to undo what he did to her, to kill her and give her the peace she so desires.

After a moment of contemplation he agrees. Lauren is released and Mitchell, George and Annie make it back to the flat in time to confront Owen.

Revealing their true selves to him, Mitchell and Owen stand up for their dead friend and then, Annie gets her will back and she whispers something in Owen’s ear. What she says we are not told, but it drives him insane – so much so he turns himself in to the police and then, on the other side of Bristol, Annie’s door appears.  As they are saying their goodbyes there is a knock on the door, Mitchell opens the door and Herrick stabs him – pissed at his defiance and the death of his henchman and Laruen.

Annie makes the decision to stay with her friend and is now locked here on earth. 

And the war of Vampire v the world has begun.

Being Human airs on BBC America Saturdays @ 9pm.


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