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Hung – Thith Ith a Prothetic or You Cum Just Right

hungI have to say, while I really do like this show – Hung was a bit depressing this past Sunday.

I just wanted to give both Ray and Tanya a hug.

Some people just suck…

Ray’s date with Jemma ended and then the entire relationship just ended, and she paid Tanya. Seems she wanted to break up with someone with out an explanation, just like it had happened to her. Ray’s heart was broken, so he drowned his sorrow and at one point he went to dinner with his ex-wife and family.

At that time he made Ronnie believe that Jessica had left Ray for Ronnie due to the money. Ronnie is insecure – but can you blame him?

Then there is poor Tanya. To quote her, “why do guys only want to sleep with me when they’re drunk?” 

For both their sakes, I hope that Happiness Consultants takes off soon. Money may not bring happiness, but at least it will lead to you not living in a tent.


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