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What the Frag? Ghost Hunters return to SyFy for a whole new season!

Ghost Hunters

Yesterday marked the return of our favorite ghost hunters from T.A.P.S.! And let me just say! It’s great to have you back!!

They started their day with a trip to Blackstone Massachusetts, to visit the home of the Ladouceur family and help them take care of a supposed haunting. 

With black shadows coming at them, cubby doors opening and couches being pushed away from walls, the Ladouceur family broke when their son was accosted in their basement. Jason, Grant and the team came in – gear blazing – to help the family, which I think they did.

The night started off with Kris Williams and Amy Bruni hearing a male voice in the basement that said, “Please help me.” In the same location the ghost attacked the boy, lucky for them the sound was recorded and used as evidence to let the family know for a fact that something was in the house.

The team also heard a growling noise, and Jason and Grant made contact in the basement. Asking the spirit questions and suggesting it use the K2 meter to relay it’s response, the spirit told the guys that he wasn’t the only one in the house, that there was something else that was tormenting and torturing the spirit as well as the family.

As the night went on, and Jason was attacked in the cubby in the attic (5 scratch marks appeared on his right calf just moments after he felt his leg go cold to super hot).

With their experience they summed up that the spirit was more of a pesky little guy that was trying to get a rise out of the family. 

Yes, they also captured another EVP of a woman’s voice, who seemed to be speaking German, but in the end – it looked more like the one entity attempting to bully the family.

brentsvillecourthouseThe second leg of their journey landed us in Prince William County, Virginia at a place called Brentsville Historic Center.

The land was occupied back in the 1820’s and houses a court house and even a jail and gallows. With deaths ranging from a slave murdering her master to a man named James Clark being shot in cold blood – the anticipation for activity was high. 

With a long look around the courthouse and surrounding buildings the only tangible evidence they seemed to acquire was when Jason and Grant entered the jail and their thermal camera seemingly malfunctioned, carrying around the outline of a human form until the machine finally froze up and then the image was gone. 

Some personal experiences took place, footsteps, knocking noises, Steve even heard ringing in his ears in the very room James Clark was shot, and only in that room.

And then he was attacked by a gigantic yellow jacket… 

Next week! The members of T.A.P.S. will be visiting Dr. Samuel A. Mudd’s home, the house better known for hiding John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated President Lincoln, 

mudd home

And the Edgewood Plantation, former home of Presidents William Henry, and Benjamin Harrison.

Edgewood Plantations/James River PlantationWell, and ghosts… lots of ghosts…

Ghost Hunters airs on SyFy, Wednesdays @ 9pm!


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