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Secret Diary of a Call Girl

SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRLI’m not sure when the third series of this show will hit the old boob tube, but if you have ever wondered what Miss Billie Pipper was doing, post Doctor Who,  you should check out Secret Diary of a Call Girl on Showtime.

Some people like to compare this show to Sex and the City.

I suppose in their heads all sex is the same and since Belle is a working girl and Carrie was confused with one they feel the shows are they same.

They are not.

Based on the best selling novel “The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl” by Belle de Jour, the spicy journey of once “normal” Hannah who one day decided to kick her legs up and say, hell with it – and became Belle de Jour – the shows just a blast.

Sexuality in television has always been considered taboo. With labels we already classify all women on television, and this show say to hell with you and to hell with that. Maybe it’s the voyeuristic look inside the world of a high priced working girl, or maybe it’s just the fact that Hannah/Belle really is super likable.

I can’t be sure.

But right now the shows in repeats on thursday nights – two episodes back to back from 9-10pm. Take a moment to set the old DVR and check the show out.

It’s a good time. And by far one of the only times you’ll hear someone say anal 1,000 in a half hour.


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