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Hung – The Rita Flower or the Indelible Stench

Hung - HBODidn’t you used to be Ray Drecker?

That’s how next weeks episode of Hung is said to begin. But this last week only left me asking myself one question… Did Ray REALLY think that Jemma was going to be “the One?”

On one hand it’s sweet. Wanting to find true love, especially when you’re now banging your neighbor’s, whom you hate, wife in order to not get any more citations from the jerk.

Then there is your side job in general. That whole “sex for money” screams “long term commitment” to potential girlfriends and then lets not forget the fact that – JEMMA IS A TRICK. And a loopy one at that.

In the mean time Tanya meets a man. Pierce (Joshua Leonard), a photographer and a fellow artist that wants to help Tanya get back into her poet of a self. Sadly this all goes wrong when he suggests she confronts her mother (Rhea Perlman, who is just wonderful, but I’m bias because I’ve loved her since Cheers).

The transition of this episode pushed Tanya into the realization that The Happiness Consultants is her life now, and I’m hoping for Ray’s sake that he realizes Jemma is just a client.

A crazy client.

Next week Ray has to deal with the fact that he “used” to be himself and Tanya tries a new approach at clients.

Lonely women. I mean, they’re out there – just look at Jemma.


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