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Every now and then a surprise is nice – Merlin


“The Moment of Truth” proved me wrong on my character development theory. (or lack there of) When Merlin’s home village is threatened, his mother flees to Camelot to beg for their help. Camelot can not, the village is in another kingdom and if they invade a war will follow.

So Merlin decides to go home and his new friends follow. Gwen, Morgana and even Arthur.

This episode is what I wish Merlin would have been like all of the time, but it hasn’t been and all I can say is the word in Merlin’s life is “cancellation.” 

I only had the chance to watch part of the next episode, “The Labyrinth of Gedref” but I was enjoying what I saw. I wish the cast and crew much luck and still hope that maybe, just maybe, NBC will wise up and move it over to SyFy where the show belonged in the first place.

Prime-Time America is NOT READY for sci/fi – fantasy. They  just aren’t. If they were, we wouldn’t need speciality stations like SyFy, Chiller or any other station that targets certain audiences. 

I think that Warehouse 13 would have a better chance in the Sunday slot Merlin holds.

The final episodes of Merlin air next Sunday staring at 7pm on NBC. I say, if you’ve been watching thus far, you should just walk the rest of the road with Merlin and the gang.


4 Responses to “Every now and then a surprise is nice – Merlin”

  1. I didn’t realize that NBC showed two episodes on Sunday, so I missed “The Moment of Truth” entirely. Unfortunately, that meant missing the better of the two episodes, as I didn’t find “The Labyrinth of Gedref” that compelling story-wise (though, visually, it looked fantastic, as Stuart Orme did some really cool stuff behind the camera). So I had to use other means to watch to “The Moment of Truth,” and I’m glad I did.

    I was a little disappointed in Merlin’s willingness to so brazenly use magic. I also understand now why Merlin fandom is so shippy and slashy.

    However, Arthur’s speech on the eve of battle was downright inspiring, the level of violence was surprising yet necessary, and overall the episode was close to what I wanted Merlin to be.

    I also think I see where the series is going, though over the next two or three years. Uther’s kingdom of Camelot is just one of many kingdoms. Britain isn’t unified, and Arthur will unify the kingdoms under the banner of a single High King. As a long-range story arc in, say, the third season, that could be quite compelling. It would also be rather brutal; warfare in this age isn’t as antiseptic as it has appeared thus far.

    It’s not a great series, but I’m having fun with it. And it’s reawakened a lifelong love of the Arthurian mythos.

    • I do like parts of it, and you are right – The Moment of Truth was the better of the two episodes.
      This week they’re airing the last two episodes, and I really don’t see the show coming back. The numbers are so low.
      But I’m going to finish watching this season for sure.

      • The show will be back, as the BBC is filming the second season now and it’s supposed to begin airing on BBC1 in late September. It might not necessarily on be on NBC. It really depends on how much they’re paying the BBC for it, and I’ve heard some absurdly low numbers thrown about. If it doesn’t end up on NBC, it will probably end up on BBC America.

      • Oh, I figured it would return in Britain, just not over here. Aren’t they filming the third series over there right now?
        I’ll have to check that out.
        I just know that it wasn’t received so well over here, but then again, that’s just how it always is!
        Good TV in Britain isn’t always considered good TV over here, that said, most people over here think The Hills is good TV.

        And really
        it’s not

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