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Being Human – Mitchell and Bernie

Being HumanI’m still overly pleased with myself for giving this show a chance. I really like it all around and I’m happy to hear that the second series is in production over seas… that doesn’t mean I’ll ever get to see it! But I’m happy that even if us yanks can’t figure it out, someone somewhere knows that Being Human is brilliant.

This past episode, #4, Mitchell befriends a boy named Bernie. A sweet boy that lives across the street from his flat. They meet by chance when two other boys are bullying him – Mitchell steps in and lends a well needed hand. Becoming fast friends, Mitchell begins to take the boy places and spend time with him – it helps feeling more normal, more human.

But then what could go wrong does.

The DVD that Lauren and Herrick made was stashed inside a Laurel and Hardy DVD in Mitchell’s room – the very one Bernie borrowed. So as the boy is sitting in his kitchen with his hungover single mom, up on the tube pops up an image of a naked man doing “things” to an empty bed.

Enrage, Fluer (Bernie’s mom) screams pedophile and turns the entire street against Mitchell and everyone that lives with him.

George tries to break it off with Nina because he doesn’t want anything to happen to her, but she doesn’t understand, and being the persistent person she is, she doesn’t give up on him. 

Annie is now a poltergeist. Carrying the knowledge that Owen killed her has made her so angry that every little bump pushes her into blowing up part of the house. 

When things start to get out of hand, even though Lauren told Mitchell that she and the rest of the vamps had officially given up on him, Herrick shows up at the hospital to let it be known that complaints have been filed about the pedophile accusations, and he gently tries to make Mitchell aware of what he really is. 

He isn’t human, so why is he trying to be one?

Owen and his newest “catch” show up to tell the boys they are being evicted and they have a month to shove off – this just pissed Annie off even more. (Can’t blame her can you?)

And then something even worse happens. Bernie comes over to talk to Mitchell, which brings out all the villagers with their pitchforks and torches, attempting to kill Mitchell. When Fleur realizes that Bernie is over there she yells at him to come home, and when he does, he is hit by a car. 

At that moment Annie finds that people of non-monster orgins, can see her.

George runs to Nina, even though he shouldn’t – and that is even more bitter sweet because we find out that Nina was abused before by an old boyfriend.

And Mitchell, ridden with guilt, offers to Fleur to change Bernie over so he won’t die.

The episode ended with Mitchell going to Herrick and finally taking his place with his kind, while Fleur and his mom left the Bristol area and Annie and George are at home.

I’m excited and scared for what comes next. Excited because I like this show and don’t want to see it go and scared because I fear I’ll never know the end…

Being Human airs on BBC America Saturdays @ 9pm. If you haven’t already, you should check it out!


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