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True Blood – I Will Rise Up!

True BloodAnd here is your recap! 

Godric did hand himself over to the church. Tired after being alive for 2000 years, the only thing he wanted was peace, and that is what he claimed for himself up on the roof of the vampire friendly hotel in Texas. Eric had a hard time dealing with the death of his maker, I suppose loving someone for 1000 years and thinking that it could, in fact, go on forever – would delude you that you wouldn’t ever have to deal with the end.

But like anything in life. There is always a beginning, a middle, and sadly – a end.

Last nights episode opened up with Luke walking in to Godric’s vampire lair, covered in explosives and silver. Freaking crazy man. Well! He did his deed! 

Anyway, Eric sheltered Sookie during the explosion while Bill escorted Lorna from the building and from his life. Then Eric tricked Sookie into sucking the silver out of him so that they are now connects.


I love Eric.

This pissed off Bill, to no end. So mopey all the time! 

Mean while, Maryanne is just out of freaking hand. Her quest to kill Sam has taken over the entire town. No one knows what they’re doing to each other… or a tree. Sam escaped from jail and fled to Andy, the only person that believes him – but what can a drunk ex-cop do?

And then there is Jessica and Hoyt. Hoyt’s mother is just terrible. Who says that?

I can’t wait till next week when all the vampires get back into town and see what’s happened. I also can’t wait until the Maryanne chapter has been closed. Tara and Eggs are just out of hand – the whole orgy thing and lets not forget that the only two people that seem to get it (besides Andy and Sam) are Lafayette and Lettie Mae.

Oh, and let’s not forget the clean up all the Vamps have to do to clear their good name after the Newlin’s lost their ever loving minds!

Only 3 more episodes until we have to wait good and long for True Blood to be back, and much unlike last year – this year I dread the break.

True Blood is on HBO – Sundays @ 9

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