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True Blood – Timebomb

First – congratulations to Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer on their engagement. (granted it just now made the show a little bit creepier – like watching their on going fetish sex tape…)

NOW – Don’t you just love this show? It’s become one of my favorite shows out there, yes, first season made me nearly jump ship – but between Lafayette, Eric, Jason (especially in last episode) and Jessica and Hoyt  – LOVE ME SOME TRUE BLOOD!

What you missed if you missed yesterdays episode:

  • Sam is in prison and being held under suspicion of Daphne’s sudden death. Yes, we all know it was Maryanne’s doing. She IS the devil… and since Andy is the only one that can back Sam up – it seems as though he’ll be in the can for a while. Well, until Maryanne gathers her possessed troops and has him pulled through the bars as a sacrifice to her.

This is my least favorite story line at the moment, but since they wowed me with the changes from last season, I’m willing to just give it a chance. I’m assuming it will tie in later down the road – I’m just hoping I can make it down the road to see where…

  • Eric shows up at the Church of the Loony and Overly Paranoid, just in time to save Sookie. Godric doesn’t seem to understand why he is there, and tells his tall Nordic friend to remove her from the building without hurting any of the humans.

How bad did you want Eric to hurt those stupid ignorant humans? I did a WHOLE bunch. Preacher Crazy Pants would be great as a vampire. I wonder how he would deal with that? I wonder how his cheatin’ pageant wife would deal with that too?

  • Bill isn’t too far behind Eric. He thwacked his crazy maker, Lorena, over the head with a 50″ plasma screen until she was unconscious just in time to save Sookie’s new friend Barry who she was attempting to have as a late night snack. When he arrives he runs to his beloved Sookie… ’cause that’s what he does….
  • Jason shows up a bit later after unarming his blond lover and running off in a golf cart with a paint ball gun in tow. He came in and shot the Reverent in the hand and the head just in time. THIS was by far one of my favorite moments on Sunday, that and the line, “I know what heaven feels like, it’s inside your wife.” 

All the vampires showed up to avenge the capture of their sheriff, but Godric told them to stop. I think Godric has lived too long and is just tired. Tired of knowing that even after 2000 years, he hasn’t found the end of eternity. Everyone else in the clan seems to notice this too, which makes me wonder if a war does break out – will it be between vampires and humans or vampires and vampires?

  • Jessica and Hoyt consummated their love and then went back to Bon Temps where they decided they were going to consummate their love over and over and over again – but to Jessica’s dismay, she found out that everything on her healed… and she will, in essence, be a virgin forever and ever. 

The episode ended with Maryanne calling to the troops that it was time Sam Merlotte was sacrificed!  Oh, and I almost forgot, she chopped up and cooked Daphne’s heart and served it to Eggs and Tara… by far one of the grosses things I’ve ever seen in my life.

True Blood airs on HOB Sundays @ 9pm! Only 4 more episode until the end of Season 2 y’all and next week!!! VAMPIRES GO BOOM!

    One Response to “True Blood – Timebomb”

    1. I love the fact that in true blood even though the vampires are monsters they are not really the main bad guys!

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