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Being Human – Owen

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This past Saturday we had the chance to learn more about Annie, our favorite resident ghost! What we knew so far was that she was due to be married to Owen, the man that owns the flat that George and Mitchell are renting. 

The episode opened with Annie breaking things because it was the week of what would have been her wedding to the man that she loved, the man that – from time to time – showed up in the flat to “fix” things and couldn’t even see her. 

Mitchell couldn’t deal with her pain, his fondness of Annie is growing daily – and even though he knows and understands that one day she will figure out the reason she is trapped on earth and on that day she will be able to finally cross over – he still wants to see her happy now.

Enter Gillbert.

I really liked. If I knew him I’d totally hang around with him. He had that moody MOD 80’s things going for him and an awesome taste in music I may add. The Specials. The Smiths. LOVE IT!

Annie doesn’t fall for Gillbert, but he does for her. Instead she decides that her purpose, her reason for still being trapped on his planet is… Owen. She dedicates herself to making his life better. Loving him as the wife she would never be.

In the mean time George, with the help of Mitchell, seals the deal with Nina. She comes over for a date and then they make a connection. It was rather funny to be honest. The fact that he was afraid to make love to her because of his “condition” which she thinks is E.D. – it was very humorous.

And Mitchell, well, his guilt took over and he began working with Janey to become a “reformed” vampire. This didn’t take and she ended up going off with Herrick at the end. Herrick who will take down Mitchell at any cost just to secure him on their side when the war finally comes….

While everything is happening to the boys, Annie finally realizes that what she thought was her purpose – clearly wasn’t. How did she die, a mere 22 year old woman. 

Yes, it was her beloved Owen.

He thought she must be cheating on him due to a pair of fancy panties he found. And that noise? The pipes? After he pushed her down the stairs to her death he tried to flush them and screwed up all the pipes.

Annie is devastated at the recollection and Gillbert, he realized the reason he was still here was because he never fell in love, but now he had, with Annie. So she was alone once more. George came home, happy as can be, to find Mitchell consoling Annie – not only is she dead, but the one man she ever loved is the reason she is dead.

Can’t wait to see if there is pay back!

Being Human airs on BBC America, Saturdays @ 9pm.


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