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GHI – Italy

Ghost Hunters International  - SyFyGhost Hunters International went to Italy this week to visit two overly spectacular locations, the Malaspina Castle and Genova Palazzo Ducale

Malaspina Caslte

Castle Malaspina has been in the family since 1340.  436 years before we, the U.S.of A became a country at all. That’s a bit crazy to me… The “house” was and surly still is beautiful and riddled with a thousand years worth of stories and folklore. 

People had been tortured, murdered, held captive and even stoned up inside a wall – leaving very little room for the place not to be haunted, and when you begin to add all the personal experiences… it just makes it creepier.

I think the craziest story was the one of Bianca, the girl that fell in love with a farm hand. Yes, you may remember she was the one that was placed inside the wall and left to die. Suddenly being grounded doesn’t seem that bad! Crazier yet, Ashley, the new girl on the GHI block, made contact with Bianca! Not once, not twice but several times in a very long session in the dungeon. 

Yes, my friends, Malaspina Castle was deemed haunted, something that didn’t seem to make the current resident too happy.

And then there was Genova Palazzo Ducale.


A parlimentary place for dignitaries and a prison for all of those who made the government mad. Two of the more notable persons that were held at this castle were Jacopo Ruffini, a patriot who was accused of treason against the Italian government – after two months in prison he is said to have committed suicide, by slitting his own throat. There was also the violinist Nicolò Paganini, who was arrested for kidnapping a minor. The story goes, you can hear his disembodied violin play throughout Palazzo Ducale, which is haunting and sad all at the same time.

Not much happened here, some noises, but mostly a lot of debunking by the GHI crew. This made the woman they were working with a bit sad. Palazzo Ducale is now a museum so a haunted museum would have been great!

If you’re into history I’d take time to check out more about Palazzo Ducale. The two people they spoke of are just the tip of the iceberg. Over the years dozens of artists were held in their cells including Giovanni Andrea Ansaldo, Domenico Fiasella, and Luciano Borzone – all who just kinda made the government angry.

Next week is the Ghost Hunters International season finale and the GHI team will be wrapping it up in South America – Chili to be exact. 

GHI airs on SyFy, Wednesdays @ 9pm.

Ghost Hunters will be back the following week, August 19th.


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