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Warehouse 13 – Elements


Some people have it. Some people want it. Some people will walk through walls and destroy everything in their path until they think they have finally achieved it!

Gilbert Radburn [James Naughton] fits the final bill. He had power and wanted more power and would do anything, even kill a man, to get that power. Then there is Jeff Weaver [Joe Flanigan] who is still living down his father’s bad behavior, so he is the prime suspect.

Myka and Pete fly over to NYC to figure out how a sculpture from an auction house vanished into thin air, and being a case for the Secret Service who work at Warehouse 13 – well, walking through walls seems beyond logical. 

It turned out that 400 years ago a native American conjured up all the power of the elements and the sculptures led the way to that power! Lucky for the rest of the world Pete and Myka – with the help of Jeff – figured it out just in time!

Meanwhile! Artie and Claudia are becoming fast friends and Joshua is heading over to Switzerland! 

Next week, we find out what happened to all those other Warehouse 13 agents! 

Warehouse 13 airs on SyFy, Tuesdays @ 9pm

P.S. – all of you out there comparing Warehouse 13 to BSG… can you please stop now? That’s like comparing Murder, She Wrote to Law and Order: SVU… thanks.


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