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Merlin NBC

I’m still trying. To no avail…


2 Responses to “Merlin”

  1. I’m curious. What’s not sitting right with you about Merlin? Is it the odd and ideosyncratic take on the Arthurian mythos? Are the production values not up to snuff? (Some of the efforts work is pretty asstacular.) Or is it something else entirely?

    • I’ve thought about what is bothering me. In advance it’s not the special effects, I don’t put too much into television special effects – the fact that they try at all is enough for me. It’s the lack of character development. I feel the relationship between Arthur and Merlin should have grown more by now, especially after The Poisoned Chalice or Merlin and Morgana after the episode with Mordred – but each episode goes back to the beginning in that regard.
      Every episode seems to be totally separate from the others, the only thing that binds them at all is how “magic is bad.” This past episode was the first where anyone commented on Merlin’s abnormal loyalty to the royal family, which it is, and there are only 4 episodes left.

      Plus, yes, the myth thing. They need to make their mind up – chuck it aside or embrace it. As my grandmother would say, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

      Over all it’s just frustrating. The potential is there, I can feel it, but it just falls short for me…

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