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What’s worth checking out! More TV on DVD and Blu-ray –

Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords full second season will be in stores tomorrow and if you’re a fan, I’d suggest picking it up. The rumor mills are running over time saying that this season is the last season for the musically inclined duo. 

The die hard fans are standing by their show, like any good fan should, but others are saying that second season wasn’t nearly as fantastically as season one.

I have no idea either way, I’m one of the 5 people on this planet who doesn’t watch it. Not because I don’t want to, but do you SEE how much TV I watch? It’s slightly ridiculous… 

The box set boast 300 minutes of viewing pleasure for all of you fans out there – so pre-order today. (or just wait the 12 hours…)

Also in stores tomorrow:

Project Runway 5th Season

Project Runway the Complete 5th Season

I’m not a fan of buying box sets of reality shows, even the very few reality shows I like, e.g. Project Runway – but the Complete 5th Season hits the shelves tomorrow.

Now! If you’re a fan of this show and have realized it’s been well over a year since the beautiful Hiedi Klum has graced your television screen with kisses and auf wiedersehens. The show is back! Almost… Project Runway has a new home on Life Time and premiers later this month on August 20th. 

I guess BRAVO signed the contract all those years ago when they weren’t sure the show would be such a success, but it was and now, contract in place, Life Time called them out and even though the show wrapped eons ago, we haven’t even met the latest designers or seen the new digs out in Cali. (Yup, Project Runway is in L.A. this season… oh 7th how we will miss you!)

But if you can’t wait just a little be longer, or maybe you just miss the antics of the previous designers – Tomorrow. Season 5.


Stargate AtlantisStargate: Atlantis.

The Atlantis version of the long running Stargate series will be making it’s way to Blu-ray.

This is also a show I don’t watch, but I’ve heard wonderful things about. Last season was it’s last season, the the archway that leads us to 1,000 different worlds isn’t completely going away.

SGU – Stargate Universe – will premier on SyFy October 2nd. That’s a Friday, so set your DVR.


Now, I have to go watch Merlin.  Enjoy your day! OH! One things that’s not a TV show… The Mutant Chronicles is released tomorrow! Very exciting stuff!


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