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True Blood – Release Me

True BloodI’m having issues with images today, so if the above image doesn’t appear when you’re reading this… sorry!

Last nights True Blood brought to a whole new fun little triangle! See, I don’t read the books so I didn’t already know, but it was interesting to hear about the “triangle” between Bill, Sookie and Eric.

I, personally, LOVE Eric. (and Pam, she cracks me up)

But that was only one part of last night episode “Release Me,” so  many other things happened that changed the True Blood world FOREVER!!

Tara is starting to realize that things just aren’t what they seem when Maryann is involved. She had an idea before, back when she left the last Maryann compound of pleasure and sex, but now that Sam is looking at her funny and Andy, broken arm and all, is spouting at the mouth about orgies and pigs – it seems it’s only a matter of time before all know what Maryann really is.

The Devil. (Or A devil, Lilith, Dionysus…) In then end, she is older than time and freaking crazy and if you hang out with her, it’s just going to end in you getting all hopped up on mystic junk, doing naughty things to people in your town, randomly sacrificing someone Maryann doesn’t like  and then waking up the next day not knowing what the hell happened.

You know. Kinda like college – with out the death of course!

Arlene may, unintentionally, realize that something is up too. Seeing that she went on a date with Terry, attempted to get him all liquored up so she could seduce him, but then doesn’t remember the fact that she went good old fashion devil worshiping and screwed his brains out – and yes, he was willing. Black eyes and all. 

Mean while, outside of Bon Temps – Sookie and Hugo (the rat that has been telling the crazy people at the vamp hating church everything they need to know so they can take down the coven in Texas ALL BECAUSE his lady vamp friend won’t change him over so they can live as lovers for ever and ever and ever… and people think women are petty) Sookie figures out that it’s Hugo, all along, that has been feeding info to the Church – but too late. By this point Steve Newlin, his bodyguard Gabe and even Sarah (Jason’s new… love?) know that he’s related to the “Vampire Loving” Sookie that is being held captive in the basement of wacko central.

Steve tells Sarah who tracks down Jason, who is trying to flee the compound of certain death after duking it out with Gabe, who insulted Sookie, when Sarah promptly shoots Jason in the chest with a paint ball because she’s SO MAD AT HIM.

Anyone. Sarah Newlin is crazy? Yes, thought so…

As this is all happening Bill is locked in his room by Lorena, his maker, who can’t seem to deal with the fact that Bill is more in love with a stupid human than her, and Eric is sitting across the hall plotting and saddened by the missing Godrick and his new attachment to Sookie, who he wants for himself. (Regardless of what Bill may think.)

Sookie ends up using her telepathy to contact Barry, telepath/bellboy extraordinaire, who goes to Bill to tell him that she’s trapped in the Fellowship of the Sun – but Lorena isn’t having it and it’s Eric that runs to Sookie’s aide. (Which is much needed because Gabe is using his “manliness” to show Sookie what sex with a human is like.) Lucky for her Godrick put an end to that.

And last of all, and possible my favorite part of the show right now, Jessica and Hoyt!

Why is this my favorite part of the show? Well! The world is crumbling down around our ears. Daphne is dead because she is of no use to Maryann any longer. Eggs is a murder. Lafayette is selling V again against his will. Terry broke Andy’s arm when he was in his orgy suit. Bill is falling apart dealing with that heavy conscience that he carries around with him like a cat-o-nines. Eric will have Sookie sooner than later. Barry was pulled into a hotel room by one of the vampires. Sam is on the run. Jason is on the run… and Jessica and Hoyt – they’re having a romantic moment in the hotel in Texas – flower petals, candles (that smell like blood or soup)  and the losing of their virginity.


True Blood airs on HBO Sundays @ 9 pm. (repeats all week long!!) And next week! GAME ON! Vampire v Fellowship of the Sun!

I can’t wait for Steve and Gabe to bite it! 

And for other True Blood Gossip – Evan Rachel Wood will be guest staring later this month (August 30th – Frenzy) as Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana… things just keep getting interesting!


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