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Hung – Do it, Monkey

Hung - HBORay is now working full time as the ho he is. Tanya may not have 100’s of clients for him, but there is on that keeps hiring Ray over and over and over even though he can’t seem to get her fantasy right.

That’s the problem with this job. Ray thought that he would just go in, do the deed, and then walk out the door. You know, like most men, but then he fell upon this “crazy” woman who wanted fantasy and intrigue – that story all of us females were fed at a young age, the one that really never comes true, and if we ask for it – we’re “needy.”

So it makes sense just to hire someone to have that adventure, but when that someone can’t seem to get past himself… it’s the same problem all over again, but this time you’re just paying up front!

Ray is ready to cut her loose, but when it turns out that Ronnie, Jessica’s new husband, has hit a bit of a financial crisis and can’t buy the twins a car for their 16 birthday – Ray puts it into over drive  because he told the twins that he would buy them a car. (Even though he’s still living in a tent in his back yard – where his neighbor stands on her balcony staring at him, intrigued by the fact he called her sexy, even though he didn’t… oh Tanya…)

Tanya is working with her How to Make Millions teacher who thinks she’s coming on to him, the desperate man that he is, even though she’s just being polite. 

The big cliff hanger is when Ray takes it upon himself to track down his client, fantasy lady, and try to hash things out. Why is this a problem? That would be Tanya’s job, and I don’t think Tanya will be too happy about it when she finds out.

Next week Tanya and Jessica meet at one of Ray’s high school basketball games – that should be interesting, don’t you think?

Hung airs on HBO’s on Sundays at 10pm (just after True Blood)


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