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GHI – Austria

ghost_hunters_internationalGhost Hunters International took us to Austria this week. And while I keep looking I couldn’t find the Von Trapps anywhere… 

Starting in Unternberg, Austria at the “Witch’s Castle,” the GHI crew explored a 13th century Castle named Moosham. (pictured below)

The Witch's Castle - Castle MooshamIn the above image, Moosham Castle looks almost picturesque, but when you start hearing about what happened in the castle and how it obtained it’s name – if the place wasn’t haunted I’d be more concerned than if it was.

All of us yanks know about how back in the 1600’s over in good old Salem, Mass a bunch of crazy uptight “god fearing” folk decided to point fingers and burn the people they found at the end of their gaze, but sometimes I think we forget the hysteria wasn’t only contained to us.

Oh no.

And those Europeans, well, they have a lot more experience in torture. Which we had the lovely chance to see when walking through the halls of Moosham Castle, since a lot of the torture devices are still in the building. 

There were some personal experiences, some voices, footsteps, knocking – but it was the reveal that got me.

I love EVPs! They’re my favorite. I find them overly creepy, which makes them even more exciting. So when they caught two – (“Horst” & “It’s me”) I was elated! And then the creepy photo of the person sitting in a chair. I’m not “ghost-est”, no, I just get creeped out by the idea that someone is in my personal space and I CAN’T SEE THEM!


Next they traveled to Spittal an Der Drau, Austria – Schloss Porcia

Schloss PorciaBuilt in the mid-1500 by a Spanish Count, the last occupant at Schloss Porcia who was related to was Camilla. People believe that Camilla still roams the halls of Schloss Porcia, and why? Because she hired someone to hid her family jewels and then beat him to death – with a shoe.

That’s just plain weird. Anyone else think that’s just plain weird? 

But some weird things did happen. When Robb and Joe were sitting in one of the rooms around a table the table moved and neither of them moved it, and they heard scratching. Plus, earlier Ashley and Barry had been in the same room and had also hear scratching. 

By far my favorite moment was when Robb and Joe asked for a loud noise if someone was in the room with them and when they got it – Robb was READY! He’s the type of person you wake up from across the room. Just for safety!

Over all it was a creepy fun time in Austria and next week the crew heads over to Italy. In the preview they were quoting Romeo and Juliet, but I’m not thinking it’s in Verona. Finally! We’ll see if Rosencrantz and Guildenstern really are Dead… oh wait, that’s Hamlet… 

(some people think that these two are the real life Romeo and Juliet.)

Ghost Hunters International airs on SyFy on Wednesdays @ 9pm! And for all of you TAPS lovers out there, the original Ghost Hunters will be back on August 19th!


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