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Warehouse 13 – Claudia



Who is Claudia you ask?

Well, that’s simple… as simple as Warehouse 13 will allow things to be.

Claudia Donovan, a precocious 22 year old filled with piss and vinegar, is a genius orphan who is angry at Artie and wants nothing more than to save her brother life. A life that was, in her opinion, sacrificed by Artie some 12 years earlier.

Back when he was just a “simple professor” Arthur Nielson had teamed up with Claudia’s older brother Joshua [Tyler Hynes] to prove that teleportation is possible. Artie attempted to get Joshua to stop the project because the government would want such a device but no, no, no! Joshua went through with the project locking himself in a different dimension for the last 12 years, until one day he reached out to Claudia and she kidnapped Artie to retrieve him…

OK! This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes. I understand they needed to introduce Claudia to the team, younger demographic and all, but one thing I have to say is that I wish they wouldn’t have saved Joshua. Right now on the show we have 4 female character:

  • Myka – pretty, witty, smart and into “rules and order”
  • Leena – pretty and mysterious
  • Mrs. Frederic – scary and in charge
  • & now Claudia – impetuous, witty, smart and into “breaking rules” – the “anti-Myka”

I liked her when she was mad and I think it would have added something more if she would have been forced to work at Warehouse 13 and was angry ALL THE TIME.

Sometimes a nice little neat package is just a package. 

Warehouse 13 airs on the ALL NEW SyFy on Tuesdays @ 9pm.  Next week “Elements!”


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