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Being Human


Being HumanI have to be honest. When I read about this show a few months back I made fun of it a bit. The general idea of a “Real World” Horror edition in Bristol seemed like a bad idea. Like “Green Eggs and Ham” if you will.

A Ghost. A Werewolf. A Vampire.

And they’re just trying to be normal humans! Give me a break.

But as my husband likes to say, I have a weird love of most things BBC. (Most, not all) So at the last minute, while I watched commercials for the pilot over and over during all of my Torchwood/Doctor Who viewings, I broke down and set my DVR to record it. 

I still didn’t think anything of it. Let me repeat. A ghost and a werewolf and a freaking vampire live in a flat in Bristol attempting to lead “normal” lives. Wow. Yeaaah…

So I watched it. And this is what I have for you – my “What I really liked and was pleasantly surprised about” list:

  • The vampires: Why do I like them? Well, Mitchell and George work at a hospital and on their shift in walks a vamp. Mitchell senses him, finds him bending over a patient, and not just any patient – a man who has power in the government. A man who could work for them if he was changed over. <- that was brilliant. I also enjoyed Herrick’s speech about how stupid Mitchell is for attempting to give up blood. In the end, the vampires aren’t overly romantic or just down right disgusting – they’re matter of fact and THAT I love.
  • Annie – I like Annie because she is trapped. She really is. I know that sounds bad, but as a ghost she is a reflection of her past life and not some thing that is slowly decomposing in front of us or mean. She’s cute and sweet and trapped.
  • The humor. But I like dry humor.

Being Human aired last year on BBC Three in the U.K. and is just hitting the U.S. airwaves. In advance, if you too are digging this show (I’m super excited to see “what’s coming” that they can’t stop), the show is only 7 episodes long. Yes, it has been announced that the rating were so good that a second series is in production over there across that great big pond – but who knows what that means for us.

Being Human IS available on DVD but only over seas and if you don’t know, their DVDs are NOT compatible with ours… which stinks… but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll make a few copies for us yanks… 

Being Human airs on BBC America on Saturdays @ 9pm


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