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Updates, News and all that Jazz…

BSG - 4.5As of July 28th you can buy BSG 4.5 and the Complete Series. If you click on that image it will take you to They have the last installment of BSG for a whole whopping $32. Not a bad price since it’s listing at $50.

Also, in the same veil of BSG, I was watching AOTS this evening and Eddie J. Olmos was on and interviewed by the handsome Kevin Perira and Mr. Olmos divulged information about his meeting with the U.N.

Breaking news on Attack of the Show! (and Miss Munn wasn’t even there to hear it…)

Yes, if you didn’t know, the United Nations invited Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell to the UN to discuss the world of BSG  – since it’s tumultuous nature is very much like that of the real world these days, and as it turn out Mr. Olmos’ comments were taking to heart. It seems that just 3 weeks ago the U.N. changed their charter for the first time in over 60 year of creation to only refer to the world “race” when talking about human. We are ALL the human race.

To continue – as of October 27th Battlestar Galactica: The Plan will be released in stores. So, pre-order now (on DVD or Blu-Ray) because the more that are purchased, the better a chance there will be more BSG in our future! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

V_miniseries_poster-thumb-350x472-12114Coming this fall on ABC is the reincarnation of the 1984 hit show – V. 

I’m still out on this one, I was a big V fan back when I was only 9, so maybe I’ve built it up in my head over the years, I don’t know… but we’ll see.

I’m not exactly sure of the air date, but it’s listed in ABC’s fall preview, which can be reached by clicking on the vintage 1984 V poster off there to your left.

So, check that out!


Torchwood_ChildrenofEarth_I have Torchwood: Children of Men saved on my DVR, but if you don’t want to be like me (which I totally understand) you can pick it up tomorrow at your local Best Buy or Target or where ever you like to buy your DVDs and Blu-Rays disks.

The mini-season hits the shelves and I’m sure you’ll hear about that and more tomorrow on DVDuesday, that would be the Chris Gore spot on G4’s AOTS.

And yes, I have a thing for AOTS tonight and I’m not sure why…

Regardless, I don’t know what the extras are like on either the Torchwood or BSG DVDs are like, but I’m sure they do so I’d turn in. I’m also fairly certain that Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead will be obtainable tomorrow too. (or today, it’s late)

And I just looked it up and I’m right. Other shows that are being released July 28th are the 5th season of Charles in Charge, the first Season of Dollhouse, The Complete Second Season of the Donna Reed show, and Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Now do have a good night, I’m wicked sleepy.

Oh, and I did watch Merlin… magic bad… 

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