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GHI – Houska Castle, Prague


GHI - SyFyThe GHI team was in Prague again last Wednesday at a place known as the “Gates of Hell.”

That’s not daunting. No, not at all.

Houska Castle is located in Prague in the Czech Republic. The structure was built way back in the 13th century by a man named Ottokar II of Bohemia. (Once a long, long time ago part of Poland and the Czech Republic was called Bohemia.)

houska castle - prague czech republicThe mystery of the Houska Castle is where it sits. In a military mind there is no good reason for it’s location – isolated and slightly raised up on a hill – it’s slightly amazing the structure is still standing.

Honestly, that’s a long time to stand unfortified in a part of the world that was changing political hands like I change outfits before a date.

During WWII, when those pesky Germans intrepidly made their way across the world, they occupied Houska Castle and what do you do when you’re an evil Nazi staying in a building that is believed to be situated on top of a hole that leads to the center of the earth and hell as we know it?

You experiment on people. 

So, with the many wars that have raged through the land (seeing that Prague’s history is over 1,000 years old), the superpositions of the people over the ages and the top it off with Nazis… well, chances are something bad happened at some point in the 750+ years the castle has been standing. 

When the GHI team showed up and were given the lay of the land, both my husband and I shuddered at the building that was laid before them. It just looked creepy, add to that the sightings of full body apparitions, voices, flying demons, faceless priests and disembodied voices calling out that they wanted to kill someone – let’s just say when I finally make it to Prague to investigate my heritage I won’t be staying any where near Houska Castle. 

My favorite moments of this episode were as follows:

  • The attic when Dustin threw the rock, taunted the spirit, “Can you do that?” and then it was thrown back – he jumped and yelped, “DID YOU HEAR THAT?!”
  • The camera that kept taking photos of nothing – a moment of hesitation, a voice say “come on” in Czech – and then more photos being captured.
  • Ashley and Joe in “Satan’s Office/Den” (Den sounds cooler btw) when she’s sitting in the Devils Chair (hint: don’t sit in a chair that may be the devils) and her reaction when she heard something behind her.

Over all this was one of my favorite episodes to date. I will openly admit that I’m a bigger fan of the original, but it seemed that they’re trying. I mean, even the language issue was touch upon this week.

But there still is one more issue.

Dustin’s upside-down black and flame visor… You seem like a really nice guy Dustin… PLEASE stop wearing that hat! PLEASE! And thank you. 

Ghost Hunters International airs on SyFy Wednesdays and yes, I promise that I won’t wait a week to report on this weeks episode. I was too busy being overly obsessed with Torchwood last week.

I’m better now.

Thanks for asking.


4 Responses to “GHI – Houska Castle, Prague”

  1. I started watching GHI a few months ago and now (when Im not doing Homework) Im in front of the computer watching.Houska Castle is amazing.Not only for the structure itself but for the history.I dont have lots of time or money for travel but thank you to GHI for showing me some of the most incredible places ever.

  2. My last name is Houska. I would LOVE to know more about this place and even go visit sometime.

    • You should try something like Maybe you can find your way back to royalty. How could would it be to be able to say your family once owned a castle?!

    • My family name is also Houska. My great grandmother was Mary Houska and came to USA from Bohemia in 1885. I hope to visit the castle one day and search for my roots.

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