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Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead

Doctor Who: Planet of the DeadDoctor Who: Planet of the Dead was their way of building us up to this change that’s coming.

That’s not to say the episode wasn’t good, it was. I enjoyed myself. And after a week of the intense Torchwood: Children of Earth mini-season, a quirky little Doctor break was much needed and appreciated.

It seemed that the Doctor finally met his match in a rich adventure junkie that goes by the name of Lady Christina de Souza [Michelle Ryan – Bionic Woman] – the problem is that when they meet its on a double-decker that is heading into a tunnel and being followed by the police who are hot on the tail of one Lady de Souza for stealing a solid gold goblet from a museum.

And then, if that wasn’t enough, they were sucked through a worm hole onto a different planet that is barren, and why is it barren? Alien metal sting-rays that eat everything in their sight.

So now the Doctor, his perfect match the Lady de Souza five (5) other innocent passengers – one of which is psychic – are trapped on this desolate planet waiting for the impending doom of these flying metal fish aliens to come and eat them! But don’t worry! THE DOCTORS IN THE HOUSE!

The Doctor and de Souza find another set of travelers that have been stranded on the Planet of the Dead – yes, they’re human flies (Jeff Goldblum eat your heart out), but they came to the planet for trade and were wrecked by they metal alien eating machines, but their ship can help the Doctor get everyone back through the wormhole to London and to safety.

Well, most of them. The bus driver died within minutes of arriving and their new friends, the Praygat, sadly meet their demise after Lady de Souza obtains this crystal thingy from the bowls of the ship.

Yes, the Doctor saves the day – but Carmen, the psychic, leaves him with a warning to take care of himself and to let him know the end is near. “They will knock 4 times.”

SO! this may be in reference to the upcoming special “Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars” (which I believe is to be release over here in November) OR it may be about the 11th Doctor… until I know for certain I’m just going to watch the marathon of Doctor Who’s that recorded for me today.

One of them is Blink.



2 Responses to “Doctor Who – Planet of the Dead”

  1. Great review! Wasn’t it a fun episode. 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you liked it. I think far too many people were being hyper critical. I wrote my own comparison between “Planet of the Dead” and “Midnight.” btw, I love Blink, too.

    • I’ve up and stopped reading other reviews. I rarely see eye to eye with most people when they review a show. I think the funniest one I saw to date was about True Blood and how Bill wasn’t “sexy” enough for her…

      Same goes with Doctor Who and all BBC shows that I watch. I just tell how I feel and chances are it’s not how most do.

      I liked the quick paced fun of Planet of the Dead. I think that it should have been released before Children of Earth, just because of how intense the show was, but it was the doctor at his best! And you are completely right – Midnight is a great example to compare too.

      If you get a chance you should check out the Tardis Newsroom. It’s an awesome blog all about the Doctor and friends.

      Thanks for reading!

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