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True Blood – Hard-Hearted Hannah

True Blood


Right now Bill, Sookie and Jessica are in Texas attempting to help the local vamps find Godric, their Sheriff and Eric’s maker.

Like always, Bill is having a bit of issues with the idea of Sookie infiltrating Fellowship of the Sun, but I can hardly blame him. F.O.S. has “cult” written all over it and all of its little mindless followers just prove my point. But what needs to be done, needs to be done – so Isabel, a local vamp, lends her human to pose as Sookie’s husband-to-be looking for a place to get hitched.

The only problem? (well, besides the fact Jason is there and should recognize his sister when they try to burn her at the stake) Is that there is a trader amongst the vamps, because crazy Steve Newlin knew they were spies right off.

Well, the other problem is that Eric invited Lorena, Bill’s maker and long time lover, back to keep him company while Sookie is away. And poor Bill has no choice but to deal with it, see that she’s stronger than him and has him pinned down to the be. 

In the mean time, it turns out that Daphne is working for Maryanne. She was the pig all along and she has lured Sam to be sacrificed in the orgies of craziness that is… Maryanne.

Eggs and Tara are slowly realizing that Maryanne isn’t what she seems.

Lafayette had a flash back to his 3 weeks of torture from Eric and his friends when Andy jumped down his throat accusing of foul play in the mysterious death of Miss Jeanette. (Andy isn’t dealing well with the whole “fall from grace” that took his badge away.) Oh, and then to add insult to injury – Pam showed up with a bottle of V and told him to start selling again. The very reason he was plucked from the street and tortured in the first place. 

Sarah Newlin, not dealing well with her husband’s quest to cut her out of his life while he kills all the vamps in the world, decided to find comfort in Jason Stackhouse. Jason resisted for about 45 seconds, but that is good for him. Last season the wouldn’t have made it out of the bathroom. And I have to say, the church was a nice touch.

And Hoyt’s mother decided to turn off his cell phone so he can’t talk to Jessica, seeing that she’s “that” kind of girl that calls him in the middle of the night. So Hoyt, being the sweet heart he is, drove all the way to Texas to see his little vampy girlfriend.  Aawwwwweeeee! How cute! 

There’s nothing like a bit of new cute vampric love!

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