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Hung- The Pickle Jar

HBO - HungInside the Pickle Jar…

Inside the Pickle Jar is about $100 less than the kids who raised that $100+ claims there is, and with that, there is little hope of Ray doing this the “right way.”

High School jock, father, almost a sports hero and 2 steps away from being a male gigolo.

So Lenore pulled through. She found some high end clientele for Ray and Tanya. But Ray quit. He just couldn’t do it, not after the humiliation of Lenore and the wallet, and his kids, and his crazy ex-wife and, and, and…

But the pickle jar, while being a nice gesture, isn’t enough money to do anything real with and Ray needs a roof, and a wall and probably some new furniture. Sleeping out doors is only going to kill him.

Tanya convinces him to take the job, but when he arrives at the hotel and sees Molly he gets cold feet. Molly wasn’t what he expected. She wasn’t 20, or perky or model-esk – she fit into the category that most of us fit into. Reality.

After being married for many years Molly just needs some good loving and while her husband puts out, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing and Ray seems to be the key and the ticket to he “freedom.” 

All said and done, Happiness Consultants gets off to a nice start! 

Ray will succeed at something! 

Coming next should be interesting. His ex-wives new hubby turns up broke and she only married him for the cash, so now  he’s of no use to her. Her kids don’t like her, her daughter isn’t doing well in the “boy” field and her son is taking on too much responsibility for someone his age.

So next week… I don’t know. Jessica has Lenore’s card and probably is super pissed she’s in the poor house again… wonder if she’s going to end up in her ex-husband’s bed…

I suppose only time will tell.


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