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Torchwood: Children of Earth

Torchwood: Children of Earth

When I found out that I was pregnant on February 10th 2008 I was about a month along. That seems to be the amount of time it take… you may have an inclining that you are – a feeling perhaps – but you don’t know, not until you take that test and see those pink little lines.

You say it’s not going to change your life, but that moment does – especially for the mom. 

The next 9+ months you watch yourself get blown out. You can’t see your feet. You see skinny little women and you get mad, but still you don’t know… and then that day arrives. Laying there in that hospital bed I held my son – October 12th 2008 – and I cried because he was the most beautiful, glorious, wondrous thing I had ever seen, or held, or kissed.

He was mine.

My special little man.

Then you bring that baby home and all you want is for him/her to smile at you – to say thank you for all the sleepless nights, lack of food, lack of bathing – and then they do!

Every day it grows and grows into something you don’t understand, but it’s worth it. Each kiss, hug, word… it’s all so worth it. 

The change isn’t over night. No, it takes time. Lots of time. Then one day you turn on the television and you see things how you never could – because if those bad things happened to you, it would suck, but if it happened to him/her… my god, you would kill someone and you wouldn’t bat an eye at it.

Torchwood: Children of Earth, as I said, started like a horse race. Those gates opened and they came at you. We lost Owen and Toshiko – the wounds were still open… and then the 4, 5,6 showed up. An alien. They used the kids to communicate. They used the kids to feel great.

44 years ago we gave them 12 children and now they wanted millions – and what did the government decided to do? They agreed to it.

One reader stated that Torchwood surpassed Doctor Who and I have to say, this mini-series – they surpassed so many things I can’t even wrap my head around it.



Can’t even wrap my head around it. This was the most well written, amazing piece of television I’ve seen in ages and I hope that you were part of it. 

I want to tell you more, but I can’t.

I have to go hug my son and figure out a way to stop crying.


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