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Warehouse 13 – Magnetism


Did you know that the guillotine that kill Marie Antoinette was a mystical thing? Neither did I.

Warehouse 13 opened in France last night and with a bang. Pete decided to do his own thing, again, which put Myka in trouble, nearly being caught by the police! And that, my friends, was the underling theme of the episode called Magnetism!

Once come back from France, Pete and Myka learn that their next assignment is in Colorado called Unionville. Granted, that is after they nearly destroy the Warehouse by getting into an argument about the fact that Pete deviated from the plan.

SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE IN CHARGE! In a bit of quick thinking Artie tell both Pete and Myka – separately of course – that they are the one in charge and they should let the other think they’re in charge. Yes, it’s the 12 year old’s approach to management…

In Unionville, Pete and Myka come across something weird. An old woman who is so pissed off at the world that she threw her husbands ashes at the building and began writing obscenities on the side of the building using spray paint, a boy  genius with the violin who stood up in the middle of practice and smashed it against the wall until it was in splinters and a nun that thought she could fly.

Was it in the water? Maybe something in the stratosphere?

Well, it turned out to be a chair! But not any chair, a chair handed down to the local pastor that had been owned by a his great, great grandfather – the hypnotists. The problem was that when you sat in the chair it made you dig deep into your subconscious and all those things we like to keep buried deep inside came spilling out – regardless if we want to or not. 

The nun wanted to escape.

The old woman was mad at the hospital for not saving her husband.

The young man didn’t want to play the violin.

Well, and the sheriff didn’t want to be made into a joke because the secret service came into town, the EMT wanted to feel up his wife because she just had twins and was breast feeding and Myka wanted to punch all men in the face because they are all misogynistic jerks. 

MEANTIME! The hacker that has been attempting to break into Warehouse 13 decided to take a new route – power grids. And just when Artie thinks that he has it under control… KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!

They got in…

Warehouse 13 airs on the all new SyFy Tuesdays @ 9pm. Next week, we meet this wood be hacker!

Until then – go outside, seriously, it’s one beautiful summer! If you don’t want to – TORCHWOOD!


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