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Torchwood – Children of Earth – Day One

Torchwood - Children of Earth

You told me it was great.

You told me I had to watch it, I would be missing out if I didn’t.

So I went and brought myself up to speed on Torchwood. (If you don’t already know Toshiko Sato [Naoko Mori] and Owen Harper [Burn Gorman] died by the working of Jack’s younger brother Gray [Lachlan Nieboer] when he reappeared with the help of Captain John Hart [James Marsters] in last seasons finale – Fragments.) And then I decided to take a break from work and finally watch “Torchwood – Children of Earth – Day One” and all I can say about it is – BRILLIANT!

My lord! 

The episode can only be compared to a horse race, they opened the gate and out came running in this episode of Torchwood. And you know what? There really isn’t anything creepier than billions of children all standing perfectly still at the exact same moment in every corner of the globe chanting “We are come! We are coming!”


What I will tell you is this.

  • Gwen Cooper is pregnant.
  • Ianto Jones admitted that Jack is the only man he has ever loved
  • And Jack – there is a bomb in his stomach…

I’ll be caught up by tonight so I’ll talk more later! If you haven’t seen Torchwood – Children of Earth – Day One yet, don’t wait any longer, because “We are coming, back.”


4 Responses to “Torchwood – Children of Earth – Day One”

  1. Tonight’s Day Four.

    Make sure you have tissues.

    • Oh no! Really!? Tissues… damn…
      3 hours and 15 minutes – not that I’m counting – thanks for the heads up

    • you weren’t lying now were you… thanks for the heads up

      • I’m not ashamed to admit that I wept heavily at the end of Day Four. 🙂

        The deaths of Owen and Tosh at the end of season two hurt, but they didn’t hurt like this.

        Life’s cruel. The moment where Torchwood deals themselves back into the game is the moment where you pump your fist into the air, because you know the heroes are back and they’re taking charge and they’re going to win. And then it all comes tumbling down.

        While you probably won’t need tissues tonight, I can promise you that tonight is going to hurt.

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