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True Blood – Never Let Me Go

True Blood - Auckland, New Zealand

The marketing on True Blood is probably the best I’ve seen since the incarnation of viral marketing via Blair Witch. And that was 10 years ago.  The above photos are True Blood ads from New Zealand.  Seems us yanks aren’t the only Fang Lovers out there.

This season of True Blood as taken us past the whole “You’re a vampire! You’re hot! LET’S HAVE SEX!!!!” and led us to, well… one hell of a good time!

Lafayette returned back to Merlotte’s with out one single snarky comment. (yes. snarky.) Still emotionally scared by the vampire abduction, and can you blame him, he is now a low key kinda guy… I sure hope things turn around for him – I like the flamboyant, yet complete bad ass Lafayette. It’s nice seeing a gay character that can hold his own.

As for Sam, well it turns out that Daphne is also a shape shifter! A shape shifter that was attacked by Maryanne (in her true form) at least that’s what is being implied at the moment. Yes, that is my guess and assumption on how she acquired the 3 over sized slash marks down her pretty little back. (Sam doesn’t seem to mind – but after Tara, any other chick must be a walk in the park.)

Tara attempted to get Maryanne and her merry band of… men? to leave the Stackhouse home, but Maryann won’t have that – she showed up to Merlotte’s when Tara was working, used her little mojo and sent Tara into a tizzy. This forced Tara into to asking them all to stay – finally people like her! They REALLY, REALLY LIKE HER!

Sookie attempted to talk to the telepathic bellboy in Texas, which prompted him to quit. Seems not everyone just falls in love with the seemingly buoyant Sookie Stackhouse. (Which is nice because sometime her peppiness makes me wish Bill would drain her – yes, yes… I know… she’s IS growing on me, just give it time.)

Now, concerning the Fellowship of the Sun, Jason and his new found love in the Preacher’s wife – one Mrs. Sarah Newlin. HA! I love it. I mean, I saw it coming, but I love it yet the same! And I’ll love it even more when Sookie shows up with her fake name and her fake husband.

Will Jason rat her out?

Will Jason sleep with Sarah (umm… yeessss!)

Will Sookie find out who is the informant among the vamps in Texas in time to save Eric’s Creator? I JUST HAVE TO KNOW!

Oh and Jessica and Hoyt. How cute are they? 


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