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Hung – Strange Friends, or the Truth is You’re Sexy!

Hung - HBO

Oh Happiness Consultants!

Well, it turns out that Lenore not only took Ray’s wallet, she maxed out his credit card and THEN refused to pay for the sex. Yes, that Lenore is a charmer – which makes me wonder why, oh why, Tanya still insists working with her.

Fine. Maybe she is legit, but I doubt it.

With there being no cash flow, Ray’s problems only grew worse this week. The contractor won’t work on his place without money and well… then add to that his neighbor Kuntz, called the cops on him for peeing in the lake – twice! (and too pictures.) This led Ray to bring the Kuntz family cookies Tanya had dropped off for him and now Yeal Kuntz thinks Ray wants her.

Tanya dropped off the cookies for being such a bad pimp.

Her hearts in the right place… but until she tells people like Lenore to just go suck it, she will have this problem over and over again. (the Ray having sex and them not getting paid problem…)

Jessica is still trying to win over the love and affection of their two children – this time by adopting a near dead dog. She said she was doing it for herself, but now that Damon said it was “cool” I have a feeling their mini-mansion in Michigan will be littered with little critters that need a home. 

Nest week Ray starts with his high paying clientele! 

And if you have a moment – please check out your favorite Happiness Consultants!


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