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Ghost Hunters International – Cesty Castle and the Manor House

Ghost Hunters International

This week on GHI – the International TAPS crew set off to the Czech Republic and Norther Ireland.

Starting in the Czech Republic they visited the Cesty Castle. The castle boasted 43 different building, 5 courtyards and acres worth of property. Not to forget, the possibility of Saintly remains, a dungeon where they would just toss prisoners and then trap them inside and let them be till they died, a female apparition in red and a woman who killed herself on stage because a man didn’t love her… silly woman…

There was some personal experiences. A voice or two and something went bump in the dungeon when no one was around, but here is my question.

If in life you spoke Czech, wouldn’t you in death? The reason I ask is because the American GHI team members walk into a foreign non-English speaking country and then talk to the ghosts in our native tongue… would they know what they team was saying?

I was just wondering that. 

Manor House - N. Ireland - Rathlin Island

The Manor House sits on an Island just off the coast of Northern Ireland.

Personally, I’d like to go on vacation here. It looks beautiful and I’ve never been to Ireland at all.

The House was built in in the mid-17oo’s and the family that built the house lived in it until well into the 1970’s – after that it switched hands a few times and then became a B&B – yes, you CAN vacation there!! WOOHOO! (just click on the photo)

This place was debunked too. There were a lot of stories but nothing to back it up – outside of one personal experience had by Dustin and Barry in Room 6. Barry set a stack of coins on the ground and they heard them move, saw a shape move across the room and then Dustin smelled a weird odor, but sadly it wasn’t caught on film. 

GHI airs on the new SyFy on Wednesdays @ 9 pm.


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