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Warehouse 13 – Resonance

Warehouse 13

Last week we learned all about Myka and Pete and how they ended up working at a place called Warehouse 13, and this week we got to see them in action AND with a little help from Tricia Helfer!

Their quest to find weird stuff took the Warehouse 13 crew to Chicago where banks were being robbed with music. Not just any music SPECIAL music that makes you feel like a million dollars, which allows the thieves to steal a million dollars.

The Secret Service Agents team up with FBI, ran by Miss Helfer, as they try to figure out the why and the who of the bank robberies. In the meantime Artie is battling a hacker who attempted to infiltrate the Warehouse 13 computers, his trace lead him to D.C. to Dickenson’s office (Dickenson would be Myka and Pete’s old boss) but when he gets there Artie finds out that Dickenson isn’t the culprit, and to be honest neither of them are sure who is.

As for the bank robberies, it turned out to be an old story. There was a musician and he was signed for his talent and when he couldn’t deliver any more the Record Company dumped him but retained all of his work. This destroyed the musician so his agent, daughter and the sound tech that believed in him took his “experimental” sound and used it to lull people into feeling euphoric while they robbed the banks blind.

They did it for the musician – bi-polar and ridden with cancer, his daughter was one of the robbers and only wanted to see her dad smile one more time before he died.

The lesson wasn’t lost on Myka, who was fighting with her family through the entire episode. Her father was retiring and the fam wanted Myka to come home for the celebration but she didn’t want to return. 

That changed after she saw the love between the father and the daughter.

Warehouse 13 airs on SyFy on Tuesdays @ 9pm!


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