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Harper’s Island

harpers islandWe’ve Crackled, Twacked, Gurgled and Gasped are way to the end of Harper’s Island – CBS’ murder mystery thriller that told the story of a group of people living on an island named Harper who live in the shadow of a murdering spree that took place 7 years earlier by the hands of one John Wakefield!

When Henry Dunn [Christopher Gorham] and Trish Wellington [Katie Cassidy] announced their wedding would be on Harper’s Island it gave them the opportunity to get all of their friends and family together in one small secluded place and watch them die one at a time.

And who could be doing all the killing? Could it be the ghost of John Wakefield [Callum Keith Rennie]? You see, Abby Mills, a townie who moved to L.A. 7 years ago after the death of her mother in the original Wakefield murders, her dad – the town Sheriff said he shot and killed John Wakefield. HELL! There’s a body in the grave to prove it!

But that didn’t stop the killing.

It didn’t stop the decapitations, fires, axes to the head or being thrown off a bridge after being run through. No – John Wakefield wasn’t dead and to top it off he was back and not alone.

He brought his son! 

Yes! The real reason for the first rampage on Harper’s Island those long seven years ago was to teach his ex, the now Mrs. Sheriff Mills, a lesson about giving their bastard son away!

When she died he went and found their son, brought the child that she really loved back to the island and then tortured her by killing everyone she had ever known and loved, one, by, one… until it was only them.

If you didn’t watch Harper’s Island or you missed the last two episodes – it wasn’t Jimmy. That’s right, it wasn’t the long lost love of Abby Mills that was tormenting and killing all of the wedding guests of Henry and Trish – it was Henry.

Seems he couldn’t understand that his biological mom kept him close by having him come to the island to visit when he was a boy and to make it worse – he had made a pact with Abby that one day “it would be just the two of them!” So he worked with his real dad to kill everyone he had ever known and loved – save Abby and Jimmy (his go to guy for blame) and then faked their deaths, locked his princess in the tower and made her toast.

But all good things come to an end, and Henry’s rampage was not different. Jimmy and Abby had the last laugh and got off the island – just like Shea and Madison, Trish’s older sister and niece. Yes, Sully saved them.

And now with both Wakefield dead (Henry stabbed him in the heart) and Henry dead (Jimmy killed him) Harper’s Island can finally rest in peace. All by itself, because I’m sure no one in their right mind would move to that cursed island now!


One Response to “Harper’s Island”

  1. acctuley it waz abby who killed henry.Jimmy pushed him off the cliff but he didnt die so abby stabbed him. just thought ud like 2 no.

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