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True Blood – Shake and Fingerpop

True Blood

So it’s true, The Fellowship of the Sun is just plan crazy! AND in Texas… so that just adds to it.

This week on True Blood we watched Sookie and Jason grow closer together once more, without even knowing it! The battle between light and dark is in full swing and out of nowhere, the Stackhouse clan is running both sides, kinda.

Sookie, Bill and Jessica went to Texas to find out what happened the the Vampire Sheriff there only to find out that Fellowship of the Sun had hired a man to kill the “person” the vampires sent in. That would be Sookie. Lucky for her Bill (with a little help from Jessica) take care of that right quick.

Jason is still being brainwashed by the Newlin’s, we are all counting down the moments until he beds Mrs. Rev. Newlin. (the sexy BBQ montages was very funny.) His fellow worshipers, on the other hand, don’t like any of it at all. Why would they? Jason has been moved up to the head of the class and wether it’s due to the lust of Sarah Newlin or the fact that he is Jason Stackhouse (Sookie’s big brother and maybe one of the dumbest guys on the planet) time will only tell. But he’s been moved to the big house and now sleeps down the hall from Sarah and Steve and that just adds to the sever tension that is growing in good old Texas!

And while this is all taking place, Tara moved into Sookie’s place, not that it matters because Maryanne followed her there with Eggs and the butler to celebrate Tara’s 26th birthday. (which of course became a “fun” time in the yard and the house and everywhere in between…) 

Oh demon creature, incarnation of Lilith, what are you for real?

Sam hooked up with Daphne after a blow out with Sookie. Sookie does have a point – he shouldn’t take things so personal. Why do guys get all girly when they don’t get their way? Everyone knew that Bill was the one she loved… silly Sam – go sleep with your infected waitress and let Maryanne control you like a good little boy… 

And finally Eric came over and fed Lafayette some of his “healing” blood, saving him from losing his leg. I can’t wait to see where that goes!

I have to say – good job Alan Ball and HBO, season 2 of True Blood is SOOOO MUCH better than Season one. I’m glad my husband convinced me to keep watching.  If you have a chance, check out the Fellowship of the Sun link – it’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

True Blood airs on HBO, Sundays @ 9pm!

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