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Merlin and 1,000 other reasons we need to remember we’re not British

Merlin - NBC

I’m that person that likes the show Merlin. Well, I have my issues – as I’ve previously stated, the fact that they stray SO MUCH for the many years of history and folklore of King Arthur and his wise wizard Merlin – but the show is still fun.

Sadly, I am the only one that thinks that. Merlin keeps getting its ratings butt kicked by ~gulp~ repeats!

I think, sometimes, we tend to forget that us Yanks don’t necessarily like ALL shows that are imported from the grand old U.K…

With shows like Doctor Who, Torchwood and Primeval ALL imports, and ALL doing pretty well – someone didn’t realize that it was probably due to the audience those shows are reaching. The three named shows air on SyFy or BBC America – and even then, it’s never a guarantee that the show will flourish after the skip over that great big pond.

Look at Hex! “Do you like Buffy… blah, blah, blah…” that’s what they fed us and then – BAM – not so much.

What does that mean? It means that if you are one of the few people tuning into Merlin that it may not be on much longer and it means since it airs on BBC One, we can’t see it here and that also means we can’t catch up online because our American computers can’t play nice with those BBC servers.

With every show that I watch, which is almost immediately cancelled, I like to take something away from it. Be it a love of a new genre like space cowboys – Firefly – my new fear of the post-apocalyptic robot invaded world – Terminator: TSCC – or simply the love of not knowing what’s really going on in the heads of the police that work the 2nd precindt – The Unsusals. I take it all and look back, fondly, at how I am forces to watch bad television and listen to the reason people tell me it’s not that bad.

It IS that bad. I’m sad you don’t notice. 

With Merlin I’m going to take away Miss Katie McGrath:

Katie McGrathYes, the other actors are great – but I like her and I think we’ll see more of her. Maybe not here, but in the U.K. for sure. You have to remember, yanks, just because we’re not biting doesn’t mean the shows not doing well some place else. Just look at Billie Piper the Doctor Who companion turned… well… all of London’s well off blokes companion on Secret Diary of a Call Girl or Jemima Rooper of HEX fame that has gone on to do tons of other shows over seas.

So Merlin.

I’m not sure what NBC was banking on when they decided to put it on the air and NOT on SyFy… but hey. Nice try!

Merlin (for now) airs on NBC on Sunday’s @ 8pm.


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