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Hung – Great Sausage or can I call you Dick?

Hung - HBOBeing a male escort is hard – pun intendent.

So, this week on HBO’s new series Hung, Ray and Tanya decide to take things to the next level. What does a high paid male escort really need? High paying clientele! And where do you find that clientele? You track down an old co-worker that you’re slightly jealous of which makes you think that she has her life in order but later it turns out…

Ray met up with Lenore, the old co-worker of Tanya’s who has become a personal shopper for rich people. Tanya had a great idea – take their new business “Happy Consultants” and make it boom by latching on to a woman who already has a rich well of client’s to share.

While they work things out – Ray fears for his job seeing that the art teacher was just canned without a warning. Jessica is attempting to reconnect with her kids, who don’t like her – maybe it’s her winning personality? Maybe it’s the botax? Tanya is still working at the temp turn permanent job at a law firm, and the law firm is falling apart around her and that just leaves us with Lenore [Rebecca Creskoff] who I’m petty sure DOESN’T have her life together and just stole Ray, I mean Dick’s, wallet.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Hung yet, it airs on HBO just after True Blood, Sunday’s @ 10pm! And let me tell you – it’s worth the look!


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