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Ghost Hunters International – Ireland

Ghost Hunters International - GHI

Ghost Hunters International is BACK! And I have to say I actually enjoyed it.

When the spin off first started last year I tuned in for a bit, but found myself getting annoyed so I turned off the show and just dismissed it’s existence. Then, the finale of the regular Ghost Hunters had some of the GHI cast on the show. After a bit of consideration I decided to check out the show again.

There is a new line up and all new places to check out and the new season started tonight in Ireland at a place called Wicklow’s Gaols. Let me just say, they opened stating that at the height of the prison occupation people were so poor in Ireland and so hungry they were intentionally getting caught stealing things because they knew if they were in prison they would get food.

That is just incredible to me.

The curator of the Gaols turned museum told the GHI crew of children and crying women. Mists that followed them and things that, well… go bump in the night and it turned out that they were right.

I have to admit. I didn’t take really good notes on this episode, but I will next week. I enjoyed the show much more than I remember enjoying it, so I’ll be back for more.

GHI (Ghost Hunters International) airs on Wednesdays @ 9 on the new SyFy network.


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