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Scratches – True Blood


This past weekend things took a strange turn… if that is possible on True Blood.


So, after Bill arrives at Jessica’s human and uses his glamor magic on her family in order to get them out of there in one piece he let’s Sookie have it. Yes, she had good intentions, but doesn’t they saying go “the path to hell is paved with good intentions?” This led to a fight and the fight led to Sookie jumping out of the car and attempting to walk the 20 miles back to Bon Temps and THAT led to Sookie being attacked by some bull horned human demon thing that poisons her and nearly kills her.

Bill rushes her to Fang-tasia where Eric helps save her, which is exactly what he wanted since he needed Sookie to go to Texas to find out what happened to the sheriff there – and now Bill’s instance for it not to happen are completely out of the question. Whatever happened in Texas must be quite the doozie because not only is Sookie heading over the state where you just don’t mess with people AND Eric had to fork over $10,000 ANDDD he had to release Lafayette! (I’m happy Lafayette is free, but after what he went through I kinda wish they would have just turned the poor lad.)

While this is all happening Jessica is sent back to creepyville – you have to admit it, Bill’s house is creepy. I get it’s “been in the family” for a while, but some upkeep is not a bad thing. Change is good!

When Jessica wakes up and realized that both Bill and Sookie are not at home she gets all dolled up and head over to Merlotte’s where she meets Hoyt. I have to say, I kind of like the whole Jessica / Hoyt combo. They’re cute. 🙂 Anyway, they kinda have a little date and then he comes home with her, attempts to teach her how to play the Wii when she jumps him. This, of course, is when Bill and Sookie (who are no longer mad at each other and are within seconds of having sex right in the hallway) stumble through the door and find Jessica on top of Hoyt. Yes, it looks like she’s sucking his blood – but no! Just making out.

The scene between Jessica and Hoyt when her fangs come out is priceless!

That moves us over to Tara, Eggs and Maryanne – the evil demon of Bon Temps. Sam tries to convince Tara to leave Maryanne’s and move in with Sookie, but he won’t explain to her why and then he decides to run from town to get away from Maryanne and everything. 

I’ll get to that – first, Tara snaps out of her high and looks around an realizes that everyone is in the middle of an orgy at Maryanne’s and no one seems to give a little care at all. This breaks her, that and seeing some half naked woman massage her would be boyfriend, Eggs. She stops off and gives Eggs an ultimatum that if he chooses that lifestyle then he loses her.

Maryanne is going to be mighty pissed off when she realizes that Tara is leaving, and I have a feeling that she’s going to go after Sam due to it. And poor Sam, first the woman he loves latches onto to a blood sucker, than his thang on the side moves in with his mortal enemy who is back in full force and now, his new waitress Daphne, may be the big bull horned demon that attacked Sookie just 20 miles outside of Bon Temps! 

That bring us to our final character – Jason. 

Somewhere in the back of Jason Stackhouse’s head there is a little voice that is telling him to flee the Fellowship of the Sun – but right now that blonde hair blue eye’s preacher’s wife is getting him to stay.

Yes, that is going to end poorly!

Next week is a holiday weekend so True Blood is doing a recap of the first 3 episodes, so if you’ve missed it – head over to HBO and tune in!

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