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Hung – HBO

a_hung1245032522Hung is the newest HBO series that premiered this past Sunday just after True Blood.

It is the story of a man named Ray who is divorced, broke and broken. So broken he decides to use the one thing that he has that he knows he can market get raise the money he needs to get back on to his feet – yes, his penis.

I’m assuming that HBO picked up this series after Showtimes success with The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which is wonderful if you have a chance to see it. It isn’t currently onDemand, but the boxset is on sale at Best Buy for $30.

I’m recommending both of the shows, but right now I’m telling you to check out Hung. If you have HBO it’s onDemand and it’s worth it! Thomas Jane is wonderful, but I’ve been a fan for years so I’m bias. Oh, and another reason to watch Hung, all the up tight god fearing folk are freaking out about how immoral it is! Which, in my book, makes it even better!

Just like True Blood, Hung will not be new next week (4th of July) but it will be back on the 12th!



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