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Mary McDonnell

Mary McDonnell was back on the old boob tube this week when she joined the cast of The Closer on TNT. McDonnell plays a hard nose Captain on the L.A.P.D. force who is investigating the possible delinquency of another cop. (Turns out the L.A.P.D. doesn’t like it when you shot unarmed civilians… I say since when?)

McDonnell was wonderful, but that is what I would expect from the former President of the Colonies. Pure and utter excellence.


With Scrubs coming back in the fall, Entertainment Weekly released that Bill Lawerance explained the entire show will be “re-vamped” and instead of being at Sacred Heart, the show will move to the classroom. As of now the only two main characters you’ll see on a weekly basis will be Dr. Cox and Dr. Turk – a.k.a. “The Teaching Staff.”

As for J.D., Elloit and Nurse Espinosa, they will be making cameos over the season – but that’s it.

Seems in the beginning no one would give Scrubs a chance to move forward and now no one will just let it die.

reaper-season2 According to G4’s “The Feed,” Tyler Labine announced that Reaper is donzo for sure and may be living on in comic book form. Labine made the comment in an interview with (<-that link will take you to the actual article.) He also states that, “syndication is dead…” when talking about the show and that according to Bret [Harrison] – aka Sam – that the comic is green lit.

As for Tyler Labine, you can see him again this fall on FOX in a series called “Sons of Tuscon.” Labine will be playing a “stand-in” dad that is hired by 3 boys in Tuscon whose real dad has been sent to prison.  All I have to say, and this is going to sound odd, but thank god it’s on FOX… who suddenly isn’t at the bottom of the TV channel barrel any more. CONGRATS CW!

 brian-austin-greenBrian Austin Green is back in the news, and this time it has nothing to do with his relationship with Megan Fox. It seems Mr. Green will be joining the cast of Smallville on the CW (god help him) as Metallo. 

Two things Brian Austin Green can’t escape – cyborgs and the CW.

Yahoo entertainment was razzing Mr. Green for taking a show that was “beneath” him. I say GO FOR IT! Though I am happy that you didn’t take the stint on the revamp of Melrose Place. 

To all of you people out there that are giving him a hard time for this gig – why don’t you go back 10 years and remember what you were saying then, and then go suck it.

To Brian Austin Green: I’m sorry that Terminator: TSCC was cancelled, but I’m happy that you’ll be back on TV! 

harpers_island-show Only two more episodes of Harper’s Island are left and as of right now I have to say the whole “Jimmy” being part of it is very much like “Scream” but at the same time I’m overly impressed that they real did bring Wakefield back from the dead.

Last Saturday, moments before he died the Sheriff told his daughter Abby that he had shot Wakefield but never found the body. As I told my husband, “That’s what happens when you try to kill a cylon. They just keep coming back and coming back.” 

And for all of you out there who didn’t know that John Wakefield actor Callum Keith Rennie, was one of the main cylons on the greatest show ever revamped – BSG!  And shame on you or NOT knowing that!

Merlin The BBC’s Merlin premeired on American Television this past Sunday to very low numbers. Turns out that I wasn’t the only one that forgot about the show. Everyone is hoping the show will take an about face and the numbers will rise, but world – two things.

#1 – This past winter was reallllly long and this sumer is reallllly nice thus far… it may not be the best time to hope for new shows to make it.

#2 – Just because it doesn’t do well in the old U.S. of A. doesn’t mean the show it bad. And that is why God invented BBC America. So we can watch the shows of the Brits BEFORE we steal them and bring them over here!

torchwood_cast Speaking of the Brits – Torchwood will be back on July 20th with their “Children of Earth” mini-season. The secret organization of Torchwood is compromised when the aliens take over all of the children on Earth.

Seems you can’t hide the big uglies from the world when they’re EVERYWHERE!

While everyone who loves Torchwood is excited for this mini-season that will change Torchwood forever, but now everyone is questioning if this is the end of the show. I guess they producers are sitting on it to see how us Yankees like the show.

We like the show. Anything else?


Other Random Stuff:

With the success of J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, the land of luster – H-wood, is now buzzing about bring the show back. Again. This time the show would be like the original but a revamp like BSG.  I loved the movie and I love BSG but I have a hard time seeing Uhura fraking up other aliens out there… or is that just me?

Warehouse 13 is set to premier on July 7th, and I’m looking forward to it. Yes, there is a big chance the show won’t be that great, but what else am I supposed to watch? John and Kate = divorce? Not thanks. I’ll watch them on Court TV when their kids are forceable removed from their home, and I’ll laugh… and laugh… and laugh… 

The Brits have another show due for American release this fall called, Being Human. The show revolves around 3 roommates that are a Ghost, Vampire and a Werewolf. The series is 6 episodes long and highly successful in the UK, which means nothing to us here. I mean, Hex was “highly successful” in the UK and I think I’m 1 of 7 people that watched it here.

Ghost Hunters International is back on July 8th, just after the release of “Warehouse 13” and the transformation of Sci/Fi into “SyFy.”


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