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Better Off Ted is BACK!

better_off_tedBetter Off Ted was back in prime time tonight, and with MEDIEVAL FIGHT CLUB!

Honestly, I was very happy when I realized that I had read wrong about the cancellation of this show. The writing is so much fun – and let me repeat this again… MEDIEVAL FIGHT CLUB!

Our favorite Scientist, Phil and Lem, bring Ted to one of their M.F.C. meetings that is held once a week in the basement of Veridian’s Headquarters. This is all fine and dandy while Ted hates it, but then when Ted not only begins to enjoy it but is good at it… Phil and Lem regret the relationship that grew between the two employees and their boss, who’s good at everything, Ted.

On the same note, Linda decided to offer Veronica a ride home (because Veronica’s driver died, so did her housekeeper and grandma… mostly because they are all the same person.) The little friendly gesture led to Linda and Veronica drinking and talking, which led to Veronica telling Linda some secrets about her life and that established them as friends! The problem with being Veronica’s friend, though, is it’s rather one-sided – and if you try to leave the friendship – ahh… never scorn the boss.

This show is super funny so if you haven’t seen it yet, Better Off Ted is now on ABC on Tuesdays @ 9:30p. And in the mean time, go onto the Veridian Dynamics website and watch their videos – AWESOME!


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