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True Blood


Oh Lafayette! Will you ever get a break?

Well, Sookie messed up…again. She decided to take Jessica to see her human parents, which ended very poorly. You see, in case you’ve forgotten, Ma and Pa Hamby were the “god fearing” type and Pa liked to use his belt on poor little Jessica, so while she may have missed her little sister – when she saw her daddy she became enraged. When her mama did nothing about it, per usual, it just added to the entire situation and when Bill showed up… well, I can’t imagine that there is anything left of Jessica’s past life any more.

Sookie also invited Tara to come live with her, but I can’t imagine that Maryann will let that happen. Tara and Eggs are nearly an item – which seems to be as important to her as letting one Sam the dog know that she is in control of him – however she wants, whenever she wants.

Jason is on his path to salvation, that is if the guilt of his past won’t kill him first. Personally I’m waiting to see who at the Church of Fang Haters is going to try to bed him first Steve or Sarah Newln – I couldn’t tell who was more interested during the whole “Jason Stackhouse isn’t wearing a shirt” montage. (Not that I’m complaining. Jason Stackhouse is more than welcome to not wear a shirt all the time, and so is Eggs.)

And then there is Lafayette… ERIC SAVE LAFAYETTE!

Oh, the scene at the department store, that was really funny.

So I’m really liking this season of True Blood, thus far! Can’t wait to see the whole Jessica / Hoyt  meeting next week!

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