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Merlin on NBC

MerlinSo I missed it last night.

I’ve been telling everyone about it, but when it came time to watch it – I missed it.

So I watched the first episode on just a moment ago. Right now, I’m going to throw out everything I’ve ever known about Merlin or Arthur because if I don’t I’ll just grow angry and then not watch this show at all, but I want to like this show. I really do. 

Eve Myles of Torchwood/ Doctor Who fame was in the pilot. She played a witch avenging her sons death. (just thought you should know that…)

But I did like it, regardless of the fact they don’t really adhere to the mythology that has been in place forever and ever…

I have to watch the second episode so I won’t really get into it just now, but I like the feel of it so far. What I mean by that is it falls into the “Legend of the Seeker” type of show for me and that is a good thing.

If you haven’t seen it (because you’re like me and you forgot to set your DVR) you can watch it on, just know that Clorox sponsored it and the commercials they play throughout the show are ill placed, which is annoying.


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